SNL mocks Trump’s visit to East Palestine as James Austin Johnson’s Donald rants about Buttigieg


Cold Open SNL Teases Trump’s Visit To East Palestine As James Austin Johnson’s Donald Says ‘Pete Buttigieg Is Too Busy Being Gay’ And Rantes About Rihanna Along With New Grand Jury BFF Emily Kohrs

  • Fake Trump mocked Pete Buttigieg, Rihanna and Emily Kohrs
  • He joked about handing out ‘cold McDonald’s’ to residents of East Palestine.
  • Johnson also said Joe Biden was ‘on spring break in the Ukraine’

Saturday Night Live covered former President Donald Trump’s visit to the disaster in East Palestine, Ohio, during its chilly premiere this week.

The fake Trump, played by cast member James Austin Johnson, gave a press conference mocking Pete Buttigieg and eventually brought in Georgia grand jury chief Emily Kohrs.

“Hello, it’s wonderful to be here in Eastern Palestine… not a great name,” Johnson’s Trump opened, mispronouncing the city’s name to sound like the state of Palestine.

He then joked that incumbent President Joe Biden was “on spring break in the Ukraine with his friend Zelensky in his jersey, very disrespectful.”

Johnson’s mysterious Trump later recalled a chance encounter when “a farmer came up to me, a big guy, and said, ‘Sir, we don’t have anything to eat because our dirt is poison.” And I said, ‘Well, what are you doing eating the dirt? Don’t eat the earth, folks! You should be eating the cold McDonald’s I bought you.

Saturday Night Live covered former President Donald Trump’s visit to the disaster in East Palestine, Ohio, during his cold-winded inauguration this week.

The print tends to mimic how Trump goes off on a tangent about celebrities at times. When he described the rivers in eastern Palestine as ‘colorful’, he began calling them ‘Fenty Beauty Water’ in reference to Rihanna’s fashion line.

‘Rihanna, by the way, you know, she was pregnant at the Super Bowl, can you believe it? I said of course she is, she doesn’t move at all, it was just arms right? She was just doing arms the whole time.

He then turned his attention to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who visited eastern Palestine after Trump did so on Thursday.

“This was his responsibility, unfortunately, he was too busy being a nerd and being gay to have dealt with the much bigger issue of whether trains had big poison.”

He then said that he started calling the former mayor of South Bend “Pete Butt,” adding that “there’s no way around it, that’s the best way.” Trust me, I’ve tried every way and it doesn’t get any better than Pete Butt.

After a joke about it making the trains ‘less safe’ and that it could ‘Schitt’s Creek’ throughout the city in reference to the sitcom.

He then invited Chloe Fineman as controversial Georgia grand jury forewoman Emily Kohrs.

‘She’s a weird duck, but we like her. She is seven or forty years old, we cannot say. And she has a very big secret for such a crazy woman,” Johnson’s Trump said.

He’s a member of the main jury, can you believe it? They chose her. They’ll pick anyone, I started that,’ she added.

Fineman’s Kohrs did not disclose whether Trump would be charged, but said: “We’ve been saying his name a lot.”