Ryan Gosling put on a huge fight against Jimmy Kimmel, but didn’t fight Jimmy Kimmel (yet).

It doesn’t surprise anyone, Ryan Gosling’s press tour The autumn man was an absolute pleasure. Just like his many promotional appearances Barbie the line between Gosling and Ken blurred, the promo cycle for The autumn man has turned the Canadian dreamboat into a one-man hype train for stunts and the people who perform them. The last stop: Late Night with Jimmy Kimmelwhere, instead of simply walking over to the couch to chat, the actor performed a one-take fight scene in the studio on the set of Meatloaf’s “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That).”

It’s a funny bit and impressive to put together for a late night segment, but funny bits come easy for Gosling, who is no stranger to show-stopping numbers. What’s really impressive is his continued dedication to giving stunt teams their shine, as the gang he fights through in the segment is his stunt team. The autumn man – and he ends his interview by bringing the entire four-man team on stage to emphasize what each of them does.

Besides the stunt work, the whole interview is a great time – there’s a digression into meeting Burt Reynolds in Gosling’s first film, who may or may not have been fond of young Ryan Gosling’s mother at the time – and Kimmel and Gosling get to bottle break over each other’s heads, which can be a cathartic watch for some, I understand.

The autumn man is in theaters on Friday, May 3.