MultiVersus’ new PvE mode explained

When MultiVersus is relaunching later this month with a makeover after a nearly year-long hiatus, and will feature a new PvE mode called Rifts that will allow players to take on tutorials, challenges, and story-based missions. In a new video analyzing Rifts, we see what kind of minigames and massive boss battles – and some other quirks – players can expect.

Rifts, Scooby-Doo’s Velma explains, are composed of chapters, which are divided into nodes that offer players different battles and challenges. Each node has its own mutators to keep things interesting (and sometimes very weird, based on the footage above), and players can earn rewards by completing those nodes.

Warner Bros. and developer Player First Games are pitching Rifts as a way for players to “learn mechanics, test characters, and hone skills” without wading into the dangerous waters of MultiVersus‘online competitive play. And it sounds like Rifts will continue to evolve and be added to over time.

MultiVersus will relaunch on May 28 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Player First says it has rebuilt the game from the ground up to support new netcode and upgraded visuals. There will also be new characters; in addition to the recently announced Joker, MultiVersus‘ new video teases two more as-yet-unannounced additions to the roster – one of those slots could be the beloved cartoon trio The Powerpuff Girls.