Halle Berry’s new survival horror film, Never Let Go, looks like a terrifying journey into the woods

The low-key king of modern survival horror cinema, Alexandre Aja, who has made films like Crawl, OxygenAnd The hills have eyes – is back with a new film focusing on Halle Berry. The first trailer for Never let go was released on Thursday, and the film is already looking like a terrifying addition to Aja’s impressive canon of people trying to survive the very bad things that happen to them.

Never let go stars Berry as the mother of two twin boys. The entire family lives in the woods, far off the grid, while Berry insists that they must stay safe from the evil spirits that surround their cabin. One day, however, one of the boys begins to wonder if these ghosts are real and sets out to find the truth, but ends up stranded in the woods while his mother desperately tries to save him.

The trailer feels like a mix of M. Night Shyamalan’s The village and John Krasinski’s A quiet place, with all the tension that combination entails. Berry’s character leads her children into the woods, a rope tying them all together so no one gets lost, which makes for a pretty terrifying image, not to mention the strange hands that occasionally reach out to grab characters.

In addition to Berry, the film will also star Anthony B. Jenkins and Percy Daggs IV as her two sons, as well as Matthew Kevin Anderson as “The Stranger” and Stephanie Lavigne, whose character is simply called “The Evil.”

Never let go will be released in theaters on September 27.