Good Samaritan hailed a ‘hero’ after he stopped to help a woman who had crashed her car


The Good Samaritan is hailed a hero after coming to the aid of a woman who crashed on a busy highway, later even helping the two.

  • Good Samaritan stopped to check out the wrecked car
  • The female driver was initially unconscious.
  • But the images show that he was later alert and appeared to be fine.

An Australian man is being hailed a hero after he stopped to help a woman who crashed her car on a busy highway, sharing the experience on TikTok.

The footage shows a man entering the left rear door of the red sedan and checking the young woman’s pulse behind the wheel.

She is seen slumped towards the empty passenger seat.

“Oi, wake up,” he yells, shaking the woman even though she seems unresponsive.

The clip, shared on Tuesday and believed to be in the Brisbane area, shows airbags have been deployed on both the driver and passenger sides, but the car otherwise appears intact.

The cops are on their way. Are you OK?’ the man yells.

The airbags have deployed in the car.

Images shared with TIkTok show the passerby checking the driver’s pulse as he slumps down into the passenger seat and the front airbags deploy.

The Good Samaritan then shows where the car has gone off the highway.

The road appears straight and the car veered into the natural side strip and traveled about 20 meters through the trees and up a small embankment before coming to rest in thick grass just before the motorway wall.

It shows the driver who now appears to be awake, recovering, and has no visible injuries.

But the bystander’s story didn’t stop there, with the video later cutting to him behind the wheel of an ambulance that had turned up.

‘Look at this fellow! Ambo asked me to drive the ambulance,” he says.

He explained that the ambulance officer “threw” the keys at him and asked him to move it off the busy road while he attended to the patient.

I’ll tell you what, the fumes in that car, I was choking. Luckily I turned off the car, that’s how much of a hero I am, ”she modestly revealed.

The Good Samaritan

The car went off the highway into the natural strip.

The Good Samaritan (left) was happy to be able to move the ambulance, while the driver seemed fine, although his car was worse for wear (right)

Commenters on the video thanked the passerby for stopping to help.

‘Good for you, mate,’ said one person.

‘Well done, that’s someone’s daughter,’ said another.

“Not all heroes wear capes,” added a third.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Queensland Ambulance for comment.