You can now watch Dune: Part Two at home

It’s not often that a sequel really impresses us, but Dune: part two is one of our favorite movies of 2024. While there are still plenty of opportunities to see this sci-fi blockbuster on the big screen (IMAX, in fact) will extend Dune: part two impressions Starting this week, anyone who prefers to watch the second part of the Dune saga at home can now purchase the film digitally.

Dune: part two is available from Amazon, iTunesFandango and the Microsoft store for $29.99. If you prefer to rent the film, you can purchase 48 hours of access for $24.99 on the same platforms.

Purchase Dune: part two no subscription required from either of these platforms, and you can rewatch that sick Geidi Prime sequence (and the rest of the movie, I think) as many times as you like. A 4K Blu-ray release is on the way, and while it won’t be out until May 14, you can currently pre-order the physical version via Amazon, Walmart, Goaland Gruv.