What could your mobile app performance cost you?

Consumer expectations for high-quality, high-performing business applications have never been higher, but a bad experience can have costly consequences. 100 milliseconds of latency costs Amazon $5.4 billion in lost revenue. Brand reputation and customer relationships are also at stake. But these trends don’t just apply to large global companies like Amazon. With more than seven million apps available on iOS and Android platforms, even small and medium businesses that want to compete to grow their user base and increase revenue must deliver unique, engaging, and easy-to-use mobile applications.

The impact of poor quality of mobile applications on SMEs is felt right to the core. In fact, 96% of global SMBs estimate losses of up to $2.49 million due to poor quality of mobile applications. Users face challenges in device or platform support, lack of native applications, and buggy or slow experiences. These are issues that SMB leaders are aware of, as they recognize the value of a well-designed mobile application for building brand equity, delivering an enhanced user experience, increasing competitiveness, and driving customer retention, acquisition and sale.