Twitter’s creepiest viral thread now has its own horror movie

In 2017 was a Buzzfeed artist Adam Ellis was haunted by the ghost of a dead child named David. And in 2017, he did what anyone who works in online media would do: he started tweeting about it. Over the course of several days, and one Buzzfeed article, Ellis documented his pursuit and the terror it created, and it took the internet by storm. Now, more than six years later, that thread has been turned into a horror film of its own, called dear David.

The trailer in front dear David adds a few creepy extensions to the story’s world – whether real or not – in ways that are sure to make it a lot more spooky. Unlike the original thread, the movie has the ghost appearing in relation to a cursed Twitter account, which seems to be haunting Adam for interacting with an online troll.

After the mysterious new story follows Adam, he begins to see visions of a terrifying child whose skull appears to have collapsed from something. In his quest to get to the bottom of the apparition, Adam uncovers the story of a mentally disturbed mother who attacked her child, and more grim secrets – all of which are only in the trailer.

The film is produced by Buzzfeed Studios, which is a very hit and miss film shot ranging from the extremely fun thriller fallto the downright awful The black demon. dear David is directed by John McPhail (Anna and the Apocalypse) and stars Augustus Prew (Charlie St Cloud), Justin Long (Barbarian), and Andrea Bang (Fresh).

dear David arrives in theaters on October 13.