This is the one universal sign you are an ‘ugly’ person: ‘Sorry, but it’s true’

If you’re physically unattractive, kids and “old” people will tell you honestly, according to thousands on Reddit who listed the signs of “ugliness” in 2024.

In a fiery thread, people mentioned all the signs that people might be normally unattractive – and even tips for figuring out if you fall under the unfortunate label.

Many agreed that if children comment negatively on your appearance, it is a major warning sign.

“My mother is a nurse and tried to calm a little girl down but the child just screamed, ‘DON’T TOUCH ME YOU UGLY HOOF’ and then acted nice to the doctor,” one woman wrote.

Another said a seven-year-old girl pointed at her friend and told her she was “prettier.”

If you’re physically unattractive, kids and “old” people will just tell you so – according to the folks at Reddit who discussed the signs that people don’t look “pleasant.”

A former childcare worker said she also had to deal with mean comments from children.

‘I used to work at a daycare center and the kids called me pepperoni face. It’s been eight years, I don’t have acne anymore, but I still think about it a lot,” she said.

Men admitted they had done it too.

“My cousin said I looked like an egg when I took off my hat,” said one man.

Older people are also likely to be brutally honest when it comes to how others look.

“I once had an old woman talking about all the handsome men in a room and then she looked at me and asked me what happened to my face and if someone had cut me,” one man said.

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A woman came in with a story about her tall husband being shamed by a similarly crass old lady.

‘She asked him bluntly if he hit women. He was shocked and said no, he didn’t. She just said, ‘Well, you look like this,'” she said.

Others had different examples.

“If you post a photo and people say you’re brave, that means you’re not attractive,” one woman said.

“When the bus is full but no one sits next to you,” another woman wrote.

“Make friends online, schedule an IRL date and as soon as you exchange photos so you can recognize each other in person, they become your ghost,” wrote another.

If no one talks to you when you leave the house, it could be a sign that you are unattractive

If no one talks to you when you leave the house, it could be a sign that you are unattractive

Other examples are: When people never pay you attention, when people only talk to you when they need something and meIf people look angry when they are around you.

Waiting for ages for a drink in a bar, never being approached by strangers and always being asked to take the photo – no selfie were also thrown forward as ‘warning signs’.

Some suggested going online to find the truth.

“Post a video on TikTok about how someone called you ugly or how you feel ugly. If all comments assure you that you are beautiful, then you are certainly ugly. If all the comments tell you to stop fishing for compliments, then you are attractive,” they wrote.

Others said “going into the wilderness” is the way to go.

‘I’m 35 and have never been called. So that,” one woman said.

“Go somewhere with drunk or random men, like a workplace. If they don’t see you, you’re ugly,” said another.