The road to analytics excellence is paved with automation

As organizations become increasingly digitally enabled, the road is paved with many twists and turns. Data science teams and analysts, as well as the teams they serve, know well that the path to analytical excellence is not linear. The good news is that organizations have the opportunity to unlock value every step of the way. The pattern by which companies develop power within their data is highly repeatable, supported by more ways to manipulate data and unlock the benefits of automation.

While automation itself is not a digital transformation, because it doesn’t launch new processes, automation often delivers tremendous value and provides the framework for organizations to make major operational improvements. With automation, organizations can deploy more analytical approaches with modeling enhanced by AI and ML. Once these core capabilities move out of the exclusive domain of technical IT teams and into the hands of more domain experts, there will be a real transformation of business processes and more overall value will be extracted from analytics.

Delivering value from the start