Sydney fire: Investigators to probe whether school kids started fire with TikTok ‘deodorant’ bomb

Sydney fire shock twist: Investigators reveal private school kids could have started the blaze after a TikTok ‘aerosol bomb’ trend

  • Police investigate whether fire was started by ‘deodorant bomb’
  • Seven-story building engulfed in flames last week
  • Four guys talked about the incident, no charges were filed

Investigators will investigate whether boys from private schools used a TikTok deodorant bomb to start a fire that happens once every 10 years in Sydney.

The seven-story building on Randle Street in Surry Hills burst into flames last Thursday, calling nearly 120 firefighters to fight the towering blaze.

On Tuesday, NSW police confirmed that investigators had spoken to four boys about the incident, but have not yet pressed charges.

2GB’s Ben Fordham said the arson squad was investigating whether the fire was started by an aerosol can.

He said he received a tip late Tuesday from concerned parents of a friend of one of the boys allegedly involved in the incident.

“It’s one of those crazy fads that has spread on social media,” he said.

“I saw a video online made by a kid teaching others how to make a deodorant bomb, I’m not going to describe how it’s made.

“Apparently deodorant bombs are a thing. The deodorant bomb is dangerous enough, but if you add a flame to it, you can only imagine the result.’

Fordham said the children involved in the fire were “devastated” about what happened.

‘They come from good families, they go to good schools, they live in the eastern suburbs. And at least one of them goes to school just a stone’s throw from the vacant building that burned to the ground.’

The host said the boy was in the building before the fire broke out and took a picture inside and posted it on social media.

More to come.

The seven-story building on Randle Street in Surry Hills burst into flames last week, with nearly 120 firefighters available to fight the blaze (pictured)