Lucy Zelic slams ‘appalling’ clash between Emma Hayes and Jonas Eidevall – and reveals why she’s firmly on the MAN’S side

  • Lucy Zelic has entered the Emma Hayes line
  • Chelsea boss pushed her male counterpart
  • Zelic has sided with Arsenal manager Jonas Eidevall

Lucy Zelic has waded into the huge row between Emma Hayes and Jonas Eidevall, with the SBS broadcaster insisting the female manager was wrong to push her male rival.

The Chelsea boss, 47, pushed her Arsenal counterpart, 41, after his team’s 1-0 win over Molineux and later slammed his ‘male aggression’, insisting the push was her standing up for her players – and not for sour grapes

The row arose following a disagreement over a late throw-in, with Chelsea attempting to use a new ball, but Eidevall had pointed out that the match was not being played with a multi-ball system, meaning they had to collect the original ball which had gone out of play .

As Eidevall went to shake hands with Hayes at the whistle, the Chelsea manager could be seen pointing at her counterpart before shoving him.

Hayes attributed her actions as a response to ‘male aggression’, leaving Eidevall stunned, and the incident sparked a major debate on social media.

Lucy Zelic has shared her thoughts on the feud between Emma Hayes and Jonas Eidevall

The SBS broadcaster sided with Arsenal's male manager after the incident

The SBS broadcaster sided with Arsenal’s male manager after the incident

SBS broadcaster and football presenter Zelic has had her say and sided with Eidevall following the episode in the west Midlands.

“Terrible behavior from Hayes here,” she said on X, formerly known as Twitter.

‘The FA should undoubtedly give her a retrospective ban.

‘If the tables were turned and Eidevall pushed her, the headlines would be very different.

“We can’t preach from one songbook and walk to the beat of a completely different drum.”

Hayes said she hoped to speak with Eidevall when things had calmed down.

“I think there’s a way to conduct yourself on the sidelines, I really do,” Hayes said.

“I think it’s absolutely essential that we role model in the right way. I don’t feel like male aggression on the sidelines.

‘That’s really not the case, and facing players is unacceptable to me. I am disappointed and I told Jonas so.

Hayes pushed the Arsenal manager after a tough game at Molineux last weekend

Hayes pushed the Arsenal manager after a tough game at Molineux last weekend

Hayes attributed her behavior as a response to 'male aggression'

Hayes attributed her behavior as a response to ‘male aggression’

“I don’t think it’s okay to behave like that. He got a yellow card and probably should have been sent off.

“I’m all for fighting to win, I’ve never been booked in 12 years and I fully accept that he is a winner and wants to win, but his behavior on the sidelines was not acceptable.

‘I didn’t find the way he stood up to Erin acceptable.

‘I was clear against him, I didn’t think it was acceptable. It is not the first time he has been told about his behavior on the sidelines. I would like to congratulate Arsenal. They won and I don’t want the conversation to be about that.’

When Eidevall was told that Hayes had used the words ‘male aggression’ to describe his behaviour, the Arsenal boss responded by saying: ‘I think this is a very irresponsible way of labeling the behavior I displayed. I don’t think it’s the truth.

‘I absolutely do not see myself as aggressive in that situation, I think it is very irresponsible to put a label on it.’

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