Long Island body parts murder mystery: Two women and two men arrested after murder of victims whose arms and heads were found in Babylon park

Four suspects were released without bail Wednesday afternoon after being charged with concealing a human corpse and tampering with evidence

Steven Brown, 44, Jeffrey Mackey, 38, Amanda Wallace, 40, and Alexis Nieves, 33, were all arrested after arms and heads were found in Babylon Park on Tuesday.

The four have each been charged with first-degree hindering prosecution, tampering with physical evidence by concealing or destroying, and concealing a human corpse.

It’s unclear whether police believe any of the four were directly involved in the deaths of the victims — an unnamed 53-year-old man and a 59-year-old woman from Yonkers.

A half-finished meal, an empty vodka bottle and an open juice carton sit on a table in an Amityville, New York, home that was raided Monday in connection with the discovery of two dismembered bodies

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The house, pictured Wednesday, housed three of the four people arrested: Steven Brown, Amanda Wallace and Jeffrey Mackey. The fourth person arrested, Amanda Nieves, is believed to have been homeless

A broken door was visible at the Amityville property, which was raided by police on Monday

A broken door was visible at the Amityville property, which was raided by police on Monday

Police sources report this NBC New York that the brutal murders may have been related to a love triangle, but further details have not been shared.

DailyMail.com visited the Amityville home shared by Brown, Mackey and Wallace on Wednesday morning.

Half-eaten food, an empty Tito’s vodka bottle and an open carton of Minute Maid strawberry and pear juice were visible on a table in the unkempt building.

A raid was carried out on Monday, leaving food unfinished, indicating residents were taken by surprise.

The door of the house was also destroyed.

Nieves, who has no fixed address, is believed to have been homeless.

A neighbor who lives near the raided property says Wallace was a dog walker and the house had visitors all night.

The neighbor, who gave his name as Josh, said, “The only reason I knew her name is because someone stopped yesterday and said, ‘Do you know Amanda? She walked my dogs for me.’

Josh said he had previously witnessed Amanda taking her child to school.

Asked about the worrying activity at the property prior to the raid, Josh said: “It’s hard to say.

“The one thing I’ve noticed since I live a few doors down is that there’s activity all night long. Always. Only people who pass by there and stay there for a short time.

Josh added: ‘I have trouble sleeping in the morning, so that’s why I know there’s a car in front of the house at 4am.’

‘It’s horrible. You know it’s happening in the world, but you don’t think it’s happening on your own street.

“It’s all shocking, it’s terrible.”

“I don’t think I’m naive, but who would expect something so terrible.”