Lionel Messi winds down his car window to talk with fans while sitting in traffic as incredible clip goes viral: ‘He’s too humble’

A video of Lionel Messi driving through the streets of Miami and talking to fans has gone viral on social media.

Fans of the Argentina star have praised Messi for how humble he is in taking the time to talk to those who love him most.

According to the comments, in the video Messi talks to the people recording the video about the recent youth tournament where the star performed.

‘It’s just Messi having a conversation with some fans during a traffic stop. He is too modest, Messi sometimes forgets that he is Messi,” the video’s main tweet read.

The comments reflected a similar sentiment, with most praising Messi and his choice to play in the United States.

Inter Miami superstar Lionel Messi greeted fans in Florida at a traffic stop

The fans had a quick chat with the star about a recent youth tournament he attended

The fans had a quick chat with the star about a recent youth tournament he attended

‘I won’t see a more humble player again, I can’t even explain how kind his soul is. He really sees how much people love him and shows affection,” said one commenter on Twitter.

β€œI have to learn Spanish and drive around Miami like that for a week,” one Twitter user joked.

Another user tweeted: “My GOAT is living a happy, free life with his family, friends and fans.”

β€œGoat lives a happy life in Miami with his family and fans. Someone in Camel League is still showing irrelevant things to fans. What an ending,” said another.

β€œI love that he is so happy in Miami,” another user posted.

Messi was in Miami and appeared alongside Luis Suarez at a youth match that took place at Chase Stadium in Fort Lauderdale.

He made that appearance instead of playing in Vancouver – much to the chagrin of Whitecaps fans who spent money to see the Argentine play.