Jason Kelce shotguns beers at his charity golf tournament ahead of team debut with Travis

Jason Kelce has been spotted drinking beer with fans (or hecklers) at his charity golf tournament in Pennsylvania as he braces to play with his brother Travis in Lake Tahoe next month.

The 36-year-old former Philadelphia Eagles club, who retired this season, was on the putting green at Manufacturers Golf & Country Club on Monday to raise money for his “Be Philly Foundation,” which focuses on “investing in the next generation’. of the local residents.

But before he showed off his swing, Kelce grabbed what looked like a lime-flavored garage beer and impressively drank it with diehard Eagles fanatics in a guzzling showdown.

Then he picked up his can, like a true experienced brew drinker, and helped clean up. Kelce then decked the boys before leaving to resume his duties as host of the event.

Former NFL players such as Ross Tucker and Ryan Clark are also present at the tournament.

He finished his brew in seconds

Jason Kelce took part in a huffing match with fans on Monday ahead of his charity golf tournament

Next month the Kelce Bros. their team debut at the American Century Championship in Nevada.

The celebrity golf tournament will be held from July 10 to 14, with the $600,000 prize money allocated to the winner’s charity.

A participant pool of 90 amateur golfers is expected to appear at the event.

Regular participant Patrick Mahomes will not participate in the tournament for the first time in the last four years.

Jason and his younger brother, Travis (second from left), will make their golf team debuts in July

Jason and his younger brother, Travis (second from left), will make their golf team debuts in July

Travis, who often plays golf in the offseason, won the 2023 long drive.

That same year, he competed in The Match VIII, teaming with Mahomes to defeat Golden State Warriors teammates Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.