Irate passenger blasts Jetstar over its handling of aborted flight to Bali ruined by unruly woman he claims abused him

A Jetstar passenger allegedly attacked and assaulted by an unruly passenger who caused a flight to Bali to be turned around is furious after the airline denied him any compensation.

Peter Cogan said he was the main target of the female passenger’s outbursts and was even physically assaulted on the ill-fated Jetstar flight JQ43 from Melbourne to Bali, which departed six hours later due to the woman’s antics.

Mr Cogan said Jetstar’s handling of the situation was ‘deplorable’ and that he had been denied any compensation for the traumatizing ordeal, even including a rejected request for an upgrade on another flight.

The chaotic scene on Jetstar flight JQ43 from Melbourne to Bali before the flight departed six hours later due to the actions of an unruly passenger (pictured, center)

“I was the one being bullied, the whole thing was a mess – the woman should never have been allowed on the plane, she was swearing and swearing at walls in the lounge beforehand,” Cogan said.

Mr Cogan said he had to dodge a punch thrown at him by the woman, which he largely dodged, but she still knocked his glasses off his face.

He said she also made foul-mouthed threats to him.

He claims the woman said: ‘I don’t care how old you are, you old bastard, get up so I can bash you.’

“I’ve never spoken to anyone in my life or seen anyone abused like this,” Cogan told Sky News.

‘I spent years working in pubs and running hotels and it was the worst language I ever heard.

Mr Cogan said he and his partner were ‘traumatised’ by the episode, which had even caused nightmares.

He accused Jetstar of adding to their suffering by dismissing their complaints.

“Trying to get someone from customer service was impossible,” Cogan said.

‘We ended up in a chat line with someone from the Philippines who didn’t even know about the incident.

‘This back and forth went on for about four weeks and eventually we were told no compensation was available.

“Anyone on that flight who had a package would have lost their accommodation and Jetstar offered no compensation whatsoever.”

Even a request to upgrade their next Jetstar flight was denied, Cogan said.

Mr Cogan is preparing to escalate his complaints to the Airline Customer Advocate ‘to take things further’.

“It’s not just me, but I was the most affected during the flight,” he said.

“Everyone on that flight should have gotten $100 or $200 from Jetstar.”

A Jetstar spokesperson told Sky News that all measures have been taken to accommodate passengers on the flight.

These include rescheduling the flight, providing overnight accommodation in Melbourne and reimbursing meals, adding that they will assess further claims on a case-by-case basis.

Kyle Hand, who was also on the aborted flight, said the chaotic scenes began after the woman spent 30 minutes in the toilet.

Jetstar passenger Peter Cogan, who says he was the main target of the woman's verbal and even physical attacks, says the airline has offered no compensation for the traumatizing ordeal

Jetstar passenger Peter Cogan, who says he was the main target of the woman’s verbal and even physical attacks, says the airline has offered no compensation for the traumatizing ordeal

Mr Hand added that the woman walked up and down the aisle of the plane before insulting a man.

“I would say the man would have been about 75 years old, and that’s when it really started,” Mr Hand told Sunrise.

Another passenger claimed the woman went on a tirade mid-flight and even banged on the cockpit door because she thought someone had stolen her phone.

“Jetstar flight from Melbourne to Bali returned to Melbourne today because a woman went crazy and banged on the cockpit door thinking someone had stolen her phone,” the passenger wrote on Facebook.

The unruly passenger began shouting at other travelers before she was eventually stopped.

“I’m not sure what happened but she continued to assault a few more people – eventually they restrained her,” Mr Hand said.

Mr Hand said another passenger told him the woman was acting “creepy” even before boarding the flight.

“The passengers next to me said they saw her acting quite erratically right before she got on the plane,” Hand said.

A Jetstar spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia on Wednesday that the airline “knows” the canceled flight was “a difficult experience for other customers and our team members.”

The airline said it was offering overnight accommodations to all customers who needed them and covering other “reasonable expenses” such as meals.

Jetstar’s policy is to assess compensation claims on a case-by-case basis.