iPhone users find hidden emoji hack and say it’s the best feature no one knows about

iPhone users have discovered a few hidden features in iMessages that are being hailed as the “best Apple feature of all time.”

One allows users to overlay emojis, creating a unique experience that gives the images new meanings.

And the other hides text messages from prying eyes.

Although both tricks have been available for years, many users are only now realizing them.

You can layer emojis by sending one and then dragging other emojis on top of it

How to stack iPhone emojis

Layering iPhone emojis, released with iOS 16, is quite simple and straight forward: first you need to open a text message to a friend or family member.

The text must be in iMessage and cannot be used when texting an Android phone (you’ll know the difference because the green text bubbles appear) without the “delivered” notification.

Then the user has to send the first emoji and once it is completed you can bring up the emoji options and select which ones you want to add to the existing emoji.

You have to hold your finger on the emoji and then drag and drop it to the area of ​​the previously sent emoji whenever you want.

You can also layer an emoji multiple times, adding two or more emojis on top of the emoji already sent.

You can send a photo with invisible ink by pressing and holding the send button and selecting the invisible ink option

You can send a photo with invisible ink by pressing and holding the send button and selecting the invisible ink option

How to send an invisible text message

Just like layering emojis, sending an invisible text message can be done in just a few steps, or just via iMessage.

And this feature was launched in 2016.

Instead of pressing the send button, first type the message you want to send and then press and hold it until a series of four options appear.

The options you see are:

  • Slamming
  • Noisy
  • Tender
  • Invisible ink

Then select the invisible ink option and a button will appear to send it. Click it to send and a bubble that looks like glitter will appear.

Swiping your finger on the bubble reveals the text message, which then disappears after you read it.

You can still view it again and again by swiping your finger on the message.

You can also send messages with a screen effect by switching to the screen option at the top – above where the bubble options are.

A series of eight options will be revealed, such as repeating your message on the screen, sending the message with a spotlight, and adding confetti or fireworks.

Just select swipe right to reveal the one you want and then hit send.