I saw the most advanced robot in the world – and it’s creepy

Cast your mind back to 2023 and you may remember seeing Ameca, the so-called most advanced robot in the world, appearing on British TV This morning and making headlines everywhere. Now Ameca is back, with a second-generation version showing off at MWC 2024, complete with even more realistic facial expressions.

I was first alerted to Ameca’s presence at the show when I saw a crowd of staring MWC attendees, fascinated by something. Naturally, I walked over to investigate and there I beheld Ameca in all his semi-skeletal glory, answering questions barked at her by MWC folks – leaving me with the eerie feeling that I was on the pre-production set of Ex Machina.

a photo of the Ameca gen 2 robot at MWC 2024

(Image credit: Future)

The robot uses generative AI to respond to questions in real time, ranging from simple questions like “how old are you?” to crazier questions like ‘can you dance?’ – reader, Ameca can dance, and probably better than the average nightclub goer.