How to Open a Dumpster Pearl in Pacific Drive

Waste pearls are an odd resource you might come across Pacific drive. They may come from dumpsters, but you can also find them in car wrecks, pneumatic tubes or even just crates. But you can’t do anything with them until you can destroy them, and that requires a new workbench in the car workshop.

Us Pacific drive The guide will tell you what dumpster beads are and how to open them.

What are Dumpster Beads in Pacific Drive

Image: Ironwood Studios/Kepler interactive via Polygon

While you are collecting resources in the Zone, you may find yourself with a waste container pearl. These are hard spherical rocky things that you can’t really do anything with. In your inventory they have a seashell icon and take up six spaces.

What they really are is a bunch of highly compressed resources, squeezed into a ‘pearl’. However, you cannot open them with hand tools.

How to Open Dumpster Beads in Pacific Drive

At the car workshop manufacturing stationthe first node you unlock is the matter deconstructor (it must be the first node, as the rest branch off from it). When you place it in the workshop, it is the ring-shaped machine that allows you to turn components back into raw materials.

Pacific Drive matter deconstructor opening a dumpster pearl

Image: Ironwood Studios/Kepler interactive via Polygon

When you drop a dumpster bead into the matter deconstructor, it spits out a lot of raw materials. It can contain almost anything, from chemicals to lamps, scrap metal and hand tools.

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