How to find thermo juice crystals in Pacific Drive

Thermo juice crystals are a tool in the middle of the game Pacific drive. You’ll need these glowing red crystals if you’re making stronger parts for your car, like armored doors and panels, and they’ll allow you to make better tools. Unless you know where to look, you will only find one or two thermos juice crystals at a time.

Us Pacific drive The guide will explain how to find thermo juice crystals and list some of the things you will use them for as you explore the Olympic Exclusion Zone.

How to find thermo juice crystals in Pacific Drive

Image: Ironwood Studios/Kepler interactive via Polygon

The first place you come across thermo juice crystals is likely when you are scrapping a specific type of wrecked car abandoned squire. These are usually yellow and often contain ARDA stickers. They also always have a rack and usually have lighting on the roof.

When using a scraper on the armored doors or armored panelsthey have the chance to have one thermo juice crystal or two. Abandoned squires also sometimes have puncture-proof tires, and they too (sometimes) drop thermosap crystals when they are scrapped.

Pacific Drive smashes a juice compressor with a percussion hammer

,Image: Ironwood Studios/Kepler Interactive via Polygo

For a better source of thermo juice crystals, you should go to the mid game and mid zone. In the swampy middle part of the Zone you have a chance to find this juice compressors. These structures are quite easy to spot because they are large and glow bright red. When you find them, use a hammer to smash the crystals, picking up several dozen at a time.

Thermo Juice Crystal Recipes in Pacific Drive

Thermo juice crystals are made in your car:

  • Armored doors (6 glass shards, 3 steel plates, 2 thermo juice crystals)
  • Armored panels (4 steel plates, 3 thermo juice crystals)
  • Armored bumper (6 rubber, 3 steel plates, 5 thermo juice crystals)
  • Puncture-free tires (8 rubber, 8 fabric, 2 gears, 3 thermo juice crystals)
  • Turbolight engine (15 copper wire, 10 gas bottles, 10 steel plates, 42 thermo juice crystals)

For hand tools you need thermo juice crystals for:

  • Thermal vacuum (6 plastic, 8 rubber, 2 electronics, 8 thermo juice crystals)
  • Liberator (3 scrap, 4 printing cartridges, 2 copper wire, 5 thermo juice crystals)

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