Hollywood plastic surgeon reveals five male celebrities he says had facial fillers to ‘plump’ cheeks after weight loss

Many of America’s favorite male celebrities are known for their enviable cheekbones and chiselled masculine features.

But a new group of Hollywood stars appear to be modeling a surprisingly more puffy, curvy look.

Fans of beloved heartthrob Ryan Gosling were stunned last month at the premiere of his latest film, The Fall Guy, when his signature angular face looked a little… fuller.

Speculation was rife that the Notebook star had undergone non-surgical procedures that involved injecting fillers into his cheeks with the aim of achieving a more youthful appearance.

Now surgeon-to-the-stars Dr Gary Motykie has told DailyMail.com that Gosling may be one of many male celebrities who have also had fillers.

Hollywood plastic surgeon Dr Gary Motykie says ‘squirrel face’ is a growing problem among male celebrities who are keen not to look thin after losing weight.

It’s a pattern, he says, partly caused by stars quickly shedding pounds after taking the hit weight-loss drug Ozempic.

“The injections can help you lose weight quite quickly, but then you also lose volume in the face,” said the LA-based surgeon. ‘Even regaining the weight doesn’t bring back the volume.

‘I see more and more patients asking for fillers because they have them lost weight quickly and want to inject volume again. Sometimes it comes from Ozempic, and sometimes it just comes from diet.’

Below, Dr. describes. Motykie four other celebrities he thinks have done exactly this…

Tom Cruise, 61

Tom Cruise speaks on stage at the 10th annual Lumiere Awards in 2019

Night out: Cruise enjoyed a night out at Oracle Park to watch the San Francisco Giants play the Los Angeles Dodgers with his son Connor, 26, by his side (pictured, left) in October

Cruise’s former manager has said he is ‘obsessed with his appearance’ and wants to ‘stay youthful’. He is pictured on the left in 1996 and on the right in 2019.

Actor Tom Cruise is known for his strong, angular facial features, which have landed him leading roles in action films such as the Mission Impossible series.

But in 2021, the War of the Worlds star showed up at a basketball game in San Francisco, California, with an unusually swollen face.

Dr. Motykie pointed out that this was just two years after he finished filming Top Gun: Maverick, where he showed off an impressively toned figure and reportedly followed a diet that consisted of just 1,200 calories.

Dr. Motykie said: ‘What happens is people lose weight, feel better and their bodies look better.

‘But in their 30s, 40s and 50s the face doesn’t recover as well and they look thin, so they have to use fillers to get the volume back.’

Fillers are chemicals injected into the face to increase volume and smooth wrinkles, making patients look younger.

They contain a naturally occurring ingredient called hyaluronic acid, which draws water from the surrounding skin and plumps the area.

Daniel Craig, 56

Daniel Craig in 2012

And with a swollen face in 2018

Daniel Craig was one of the stars who suddenly appeared with a swollen face. He has repeatedly embarked on extreme weight loss programs for James Bond roles, which may have contributed to a thin face. Daniel Craig has never confirmed that he uses fillers

Daniel Craig embarked on extreme weight loss programs no fewer than five times to play British Secret Service agent James Bond in the major film franchise.

But plastic surgeons say this would have led to a permanent loss of volume in his face, making him look thinner.

Dr. Motykie said he probably got fillers to counteract this and give himself a ‘fuller’ facial appearance.

“Daniel Craig started looking a bit thin from the age of 40,” he said, “when you lose all that weight, it really shows in your face.” Dr. However, Motykie points out that starting around 2018, Craig’s face seemed to miraculously balloon around the cheeks.

Fillers can initially cause a ‘puffy’ and ‘fuller’ face, the surgeon said, because they draw fluid from surrounding tissue that collects in the face.

This subsides over a few days to weeks as the body redistributes fluid and inflammation subsides, but there is a lag time where the face appears ‘awake’.

Many stars hide during this period, Dr. Motykie said, but some can “find their hand in the cookie jar” if they make public appearances too early.

Zac Efron, 36

Zac is pictured above at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles

Zac Efron appeared in an interview with Entertainment Weekly on Monday.  Fans were quick to comment that his face looked

2018 and 2023: Zac is pictured above in 2018 at the Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles and in 2023 during an interview for Entertainment Weekly. Zac Efron has never confirmed that he uses fillers

The High School Musical star is no stranger to speculation about his changing appearance.

In 2021, Zac Efron suddenly debuted a new jawline, which he said was the result of reconstructive surgery after a nasty fall that “shattered his jaw.” At the end of 2023, he also appeared with a swollen face.

Dr. Motykie said it was almost certain that Efron had had fillers placed in his face – possibly to replace the volume lost due to diets aimed at reducing fat.

But the plastic surgeon said it was also possible that the star’s puffy appearance was related to hormone or testosterone injections, which it is speculated the star may have also used.

“He may have lost weight and then tried to gain it back,” said Dr. Motykie, “but couldn’t get the volume back in his face.”

Zac has repeatedly faced speculation about plastic surgery after appearing with an altered jawline, but he has denied all suggestions.

David Beckham, 48

A spokesman for the former England football captain declined to comment, although a friend insisted he had not undergone cosmetic surgery.  He is pictured in March 2019

David Beckham in 2023 at the British premiere of the film 'Beckham' in London

It was also claimed that David Beckham has had facial fillers. David Beckham has never confirmed that he has used fillers

David Beckham, 48, was the handsome football boy, famous for his angular jaw and sharp cheekbones.

But in 2023, he appeared at the UK premiere of the film ‘Beckham’, modeling a much fuller face.

Dr. Motykie said his face may have become thinner as a result of losing weight for his extensive fashion shoots – with the star subsequently turning to filler to regain volume.

Ryan Gosling, 43

Ryan Gosling at the film premiere of The Ides Of March in Los Angeles on September 27, 2011

Gosling at the world premiere of Fall Guy at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas on March 12, 2024

Has Gosling been pumping and pumping, some wonder. He looks more like Amy Schumer than the well-characterized leading man we all love, others say

He’s hung up Ken’s Stetson, but Ryan Gosling’s apparent passion for plastic may extend beyond playing Barbie’s boyfriend.

With a waxy glow and apparently puffed cheeks, 43-year-old Gosling is causing a stir among concerned fans on social media.

Some wonder if he has been pumping and pumping. He looks more like Amy Schumer than the well-characterized leading man we all love, others say.

The speculation started after he attended the Fall Guy launch in Austin, Texas last month.

Dr. Motykie said Gosling may also have been caught after getting out too early after fillers.

He said surgeons often recommend having them inserted gradually so that the shift in characteristics is not as noticeable.

But in the case of some celebrities, surgeons may end up forking out a larger lump sum if they have to appear at an event and don’t want to appear thin.