Hades 2 gods are somehow even hotter than Hades gods

The technical test for Hades 2 has only just started, but the first look at the game has already set the feeds on fire. Supergiant Games released a version of the game for a limited number of players on Wednesday. But instead of keeping the details of those playthroughs secret, the developers have thrown the doors wide open to the mythical underworld and streamed it raw. three hours of gameplay on the official YouTube channel. Now everyone has seen the game in real life for the first time and social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter) have become the places of worship for all the sexy Greek gods of the game.

Sure, yes, the stream showed off other important details like new gameplay and a deeper look at some of the new dungeons, but the characters really stole the show. Just like in the original game Hades, Hades 2 features a large cast of characters inspired by Greek mythology, all rendered in a stunning digitally painted art style. As the princess of the underworld, Melinoë, makes her way through the various dungeons, she will encounter and talk to the various eclectic characters.

Some characters have been completely revamped, while other screenshots revealed new characters. The most important conclusion: the developers delivered! The team put Aphrodite in what I would describe as a “lore-correct” outfit that takes her stuff out and essentially covers her with her hair. There are armored muscle moms as well as more mysterious characters, like the moon-bathed Selene. Clearly no one can be normal about how great everyone looks because every feed is filled with people sharing images of the new characters and redesigns. You can see Artemis, Hestia, Mel and Selene embedded below.

Does this count as the kind of “technical” feedback Supergiant was looking for? Playing the game has resulted in bizarre behavior where all fans can post screenshots of the characters after playing the game. I’m not sure if this is an issue that the development team can actually solve, but these are the results of the test.

Anyway, if you too have suddenly taken an interest in Greek mythology Hades 2good news: the game is still on track to release in early access this spring.