GTA 6 release date leaves fans uncertain

After months, nay, years of speculation, it looks like more uncertainty is ahead GTA VI players. Fans have once again delved deeply into theories regarding the game’s release dates, with all evidence seemingly pointing to a time frame of 2025; maybe not the kind of date fans want.

The date theory comes from a Redditor who read an interview with Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick, in which Zelnick called “a major turning point in fiscal year 2025.” For those who don’t talk business – which I belong to – an inflection point refers to a dramatic turning point in a company. Of course, when GTA VI is launched, it will cause a stir (see: fans go wild).

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It’s a good working theory, especially since there have been few trailer announcements in recent weeks. Still, like all rumors whispered in GTA’s name, it’s just as likely to be fake as it is real. This Is Why Fans Are So Furious Over Every ‘Big Announcement’ From Rockstar Games, Only To Find Out It Has Nothing To Do With Them GTA VI. We’re dining on leftovers here, and there’s no sign of a hearty meal around the corner.

Assuming the 2025 release date is true, that means a trailer won’t see the light of day until 2024, as the Woman of Tomorrow suggested: “It sounds like a GTA VI reveal trailer with a release date in 2024 is then in the offing.” Another Redditor agreed, saying, “September/October 2024 is my guess,” before adding that they expect it to be “delayed until January/February 2025.” Ah, the confidence in Rockstar is strong…

Rockstar could choose to launch a smaller version of it GTA VI rather, as suggested by a leak, with expansion content in the form of DLC. Whether fans would welcome such a move, however, is another matter entirely – I suspect they wouldn’t. Either way, the release date is not only uncertain, it’s slipping further away every day.

The point is, even if GTA VI is a huge flop, it will still break records. “It (GTA VI) could be 1/100 on Metacritic and still break records. GTA VI is probably one of the most anticipated games of all time, but this game is definitely not one of the fastest sellers of all time,” said ToothlessFTW, and boy oh boy, are they not wrong.