Hamas Kills Israeli Hostage Sa’ar Baruch in Gaza, Releases Video of Before and After His Murder

Terror Group Kills Israeli Captive

An Israeli captive held in the Gaza Strip has been killed. According to an announcement made by Kibbutz Be’eri on Saturday, Sa’ar Baruch (25), whom Hamas kidnapped on October 7 during its attack on Israel, was murdered on Friday in unclear circumstances.

Hamas has come out to allege that the Israel Defense Forces killed Baruch in a failed rescue operation. The terror group’s military wing published a video of the hostage’s corpse, which also featured images of what it said was the aftermath of the failed operation. Moreover, the footage included Baruch’s statement, which the terror organization said it filmed a few weeks ago. 

In the video, Baruch is heard saying he was working for the Be’eri Print before his capture in early October. After the now-murdered hostage finishes his statement, the video cuts to a floor covered with empty bullet casings and blood, then shows Baruch’s lifeless body.

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Israeli Hostage Sa’ar Baruch (25) murdered by Hamas in Gaza

Israel Accuses Hamas of Using Psychological Warfare

On Saturday, the Israel Defense Forces admitted that two of its soldiers sustained severe injuries after a failed rescue mission but said nothing about the death of Baruch. Israeli government spokesperson Eylon Levy said IDF will not comment on what it believes to be psychological warfare, which Hamas has been using since the start of the war.

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Before the latest hostage rescue attempt, the IDF had successfully rescued a captured Israeli soldier in Gaza in late October. Before being kidnapped, Ori Megidish worked as an observation solder in the Nahal Oz base.

Freed Hostages’ Accounts Raise Concerns Over Captives’ Well-Being

Over one hundred hostages have been released so far. However, concerns over the remaining 136 continue to grow after the freed captives narrated what they went through during captivity in Gaza. One Filipino National said he ate toilet paper so he would not starve.

Several hostages were also abused by Hamas terrorists, according to an Israeli doctor who examined over 50 released hostages. The medical professional said at least ten men and women were sexually assaulted.

Meanwhile, the IDF is operating in southern Gaza. The Israeli army has made it its mission to find Hamas chief Yahya Sinwar, who is believed to have masterminded the October 7 massacre.