Grey Lines worker embarrassed after awkward encounter with a postman thanks to cheeky customer note

Very awkward meeting of a small business employee with a postman after a risky customer order

  • Shopper add funny message to online order
  • The note appeared on their shipping label
  • It created an awkward moment between the sender and the postman

A young worker turned red after a postman noticed an unusual note on a package they were sending to a customer.

A customer of new clothing and gift brand Gray Lines added a cheeky message about their fake breasts to their order that the packers didn’t know would be plastered in large print on the shipping label.

The X-rated note raised the eyebrows of the Australia Post employee who came to collect the package.

Gray Lines customers have received surprise gifts with their order of the small Aussie brand’s “nostalgic parlor game” and one customer made a hilarious plea for a free gift.

‘So we have a nostalgic party game and are always looking for nice things to give away. We’ve been adding Fantasy by Britney Spears gift packs to random orders,” a Gray Lines employee said on Instagram video.

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A customer added a racy message about their fake breasts to their order that the packers didn't know would be visible on the shipping label, which caused the delivery person to frown

An employee of Australian new clothing brand Gray Lines has an awkward conversation with an Australia Post driver who saw a cheeky note on a customer’s package

The customer said they earned the free Britney Spears perfume gift pack with their game because they named one of their fake breasts after the star.

“I named one of my fakes after Britz (the one’s called Christina, obvs) so for this reason I think I really deserve to win the Fantasy gift pack. Thank you for listening to my speech,” the message read.

The staff deemed the risky note so “iconic” that they decided the busty woman was a worthy candidate for the free perfume and added the gift pack to their purchase.

However, when they printed out the shipping label with the customer’s details, they didn’t realize the lewd message would be visible, causing an awkward interaction with the postman picking it up.

“The delivery guy read it and said the less I know the better,” the employee said in the video, adding, “Just another day at Gray Lines to be honest.”

The hysterical video garnered over 20,000 views and many laughing emojis from fans.

The woman who wrote the note even saw the clip and said she looks forward to greeting the postman who delivers her special package.

‘Britten and Xtina are finally getting the recognition they deserve! Thanks guys,” she commented.

“Hope I’ll be home when my mailman delivers… I’ll make sure I get the girls out full steam ahead!”