Aaron Judge is OUT of the Yankees’ lineup after crashing into a bullpen fence

Aaron Judge misses Yankees’ decider against LA Dodgers with toe injury after crashing into bullpen fence in excellent defensive play

  • Aaron Judge crashed into a bullpen fence on Saturday to make a sprint catch
  • The star slugger will not start Sunday’s game due to a sore right foot
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Yankees captain Aaron Judge is out of the lineup for New York’s final game against the LA Dodgers on Sunday.

The star slugger will not start the game with a sore right foot after slamming it into the concrete at the bottom of the right field fence while making an excellent sprint ball in Saturday’s matchup.

The 30-year-old could have saved a run for the Yankees with his sprint ball on JD Martinez’s liner in the right field corner with Max Muncy on first base and no one out.

The AL MVP made the catch an instant before running into the bullpen’s fence, which it flung open on impact, with a stadium staffer behind.

Judge hung onto the ball and stayed upright as he put one foot in the bullpen, but Muncy was allowed to move up to second, apparently due to Judge technically leaving the field of play.

Aaron Judge saved a point for the Yankees with a sprint catch near a gate at Dodgers Stadium

The Yankees captain did not line up for New York's series deciding game against the Dodgers

The Yankees captain did not line up for New York’s series deciding game against the Dodgers

Yankees manager Aaron Boone briefly debated the umpires’ decision to send Muncy down to second.

The 6-foot-7 slugger appears to have avoided serious injuries to his upper body despite crashing into the metal fence door, but Boone did admit that Judge had been “quite sore.”

“He was in quite a lot of pain [Saturday] night and this morning,” Boone said Sunday. “Although he seemed a little better moving this afternoon so we’ll see what we have today and of course the bad day [Monday]. Look what we have when we get back [to New York].’

Boone also admitted that he didn’t know if the collision could earn his star player a spot on the injury list.

“Not right now, but we’ll see how he is today, [Monday]the next day,” Boone said.

Judge was treated on the foot as of Sunday afternoon and may receive X-rays or further tests when the team returns to New York on Monday.

Judge crashed through the outfield fence and caught out for JD Martinez in the 8th

Judge crashed through the outfield fence and caught out for JD Martinez in the 8th

Boone was unsure if he would be available from the bench for the Yankees in the series decider.

Pitcher Gerrit Cole called the concrete ledge at the base of the wall “rather dangerous” after Saturday’s game.

Boone hoped it would be something MLB or the Dodgers organization would investigate for future safety concerns.

“Hopefully that’s something they’re looking at,” Boone said. “I think all these places are doing their best to make it as safe as possible. But to me it looks like that cement at the bottom could be filled up a little bit. Hopefully it’s something they at least look at and consider, and I’m sure they will.”