Fans notice Toni Kroos told Vinicius Jr where to run for Real Madrid’s opener at Bayern Munich – with one hailing the German’s ‘football IQ’ against his former team

Fans noticed how instrumental Toni Kroos was in Real Madrid’s opener on Tuesday night – by Vinicius Jr. pointing in the direction where he should run.

Vinicius Jr opened the scoring for the visitors from Bayern Munich in the 24th minute of the first leg of the Champions League semi-final.

Fans on

Kroos was a Bayern Munich player in his youth, before moving up to senior level and eventually leaving the club for Real Madrid in 2014.

One fan wrote ‘Toni Kroos is eternal, the final boss of the midfield’, alongside a goat emoji, while another said the German was ‘literally coaching on the pitch’.

Another said ‘His football IQ man’, while someone else said Kroos ‘played 3D chess’ alongside a crystal ball and a magic wand to represent the majesty of his act.

Another X user wrote: ‘The way Kroos reads the game while on the pitch is by far the most impressive skill any player has ever had…

‘He’s on a different wavelength. It’s like he’s reliving a memory and not creating one.”

One summed it up simply by noting, “This guy is on another level.”

Speaking about the goal, TNT Sports expert Michael Owen said: ‘It’s the striker’s basic play, you always give one for the defender and one for yourself. Come in, come in, he was never going to get that ball in front of Vinicius Jr.

Fans noted Toni Kroos’ instrumental role in Vinicius Jr.’s opening goal. for Real Madrid

‘He just wanted to create more space and then suddenly his eyes light up, like ‘he’ [the defender] come with me.”

“Spin and he’s in, it’s so simple, don’t get me wrong, the timing of the pass, everything has to be perfect. But it is very basic playing – something you learn as a schoolboy. Kim [Min-jae] was poorly absorbed there.’

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