Elegance Coach reveals how to feel confident browsing designer stores

Most of us have probably had the experience of feeling too intimidated to enter designer stores.

Now, an elegance coach has shared her top tips on how to shop confidently at these stores.

Anna Bey, 38, shared her recommendations in a YouTube video, where she has more than 1.63 million subscribers.

A well-known style guru, who helps other women with her knowledge of lifestyle so ‘they can live their best life’, Anna divides her time between London and Geneva, where she has certainly visited a good number of chic retailers.

Here, FEMAIL looks at Anna Bey’s tips on how to feel confident when shopping at designer stores.

The YouTuber shared some top tips you can follow to make you feel less intimidated when entering designer stores

Take steps to make yourself feel like you belong

When it comes to overcoming your insecurities about shopping in designer stores, Anna pointed out that it’s important to ask yourself why? Do you avoid going in all together because you just feel like you don’t belong there?

She said most people have probably felt this way, but the main question is: what causes these feelings?

“Why should you feel like you don’t belong?” she asked. “Is it because you weren’t born rich and you have the false belief that designer stores are only for rich people?”

Moving on, the elegance coach said it’s worth thinking about the worst that could happen when you enter one of these stores.

Will it be the discomfort oh worry that people think you don’t fit in? Or think people look down on you and ask what you’re doing there?

Perhaps, she added, is it the worry that there will be so much pressure to make a purchase you can’t afford that it’s not worth going in?

The answer to dealing with this impostor syndrome, according to Anna, is to expose yourself to the kinds of stores that make you feel uncomfortable.

This, she says, will help you “practice the sense of belonging,” which will ultimately make you feel more comfortable and at home in these spaces.

Dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable

There are certain things to keep in mind when it comes to how to dress when you go to a designer store, says Anna (pictured)

There are certain things to keep in mind when it comes to how to dress when you go to a designer store, says Anna (pictured)

According to Anna, feeling like there’s a dress code you haven’t followed is a common reason why people don’t feel comfortable in expensive stores.

But is there a dress code? Can you just come as you are?

“Well yes and no,” says the expert in her video. “I wouldn’t say there is a specific dress code, but I would definitely argue that you have to somehow look like the part of what the brand stands for.”

She continues, “I would say just wear what you feel confident in. Maybe opt for something more classic, something more elegant.’

When it comes to what clothes to avoid, she suggests wearing sportswear, anything that’s too skinny, and outfits that “get too much attention, unless that…your personal style and you are a bit flamboyant’.

Present yourself in an appropriate manner

The way you dress can cause sales associates to judge, but according to Anna, they're not necessarily evil

The way you dress can cause sales associates to judge, but according to Anna, they’re not necessarily evil

While this is probably not an unpopular comment, according to Anna, most sales associates in designer stores judge the customers.

She continues, explaining that she doesn’t believe they do so in a malicious way, but more “based on their experience with people.”

In the video she continues, “They can group people into groups to say, ‘Okay, I think this is the kind that might spend money, this one will probably be a bit of a waste of time, this is probably someone like this, this one kinda like that.”‘

A lot of this comes down to how you’re dressed, she says, suggesting that if you dress in a specific way, they can group together you together with a certain kind of people.

However, if you dress neutrally, in a classic way, she “thinks you have nothing to worry about” because “you’ll probably be grouped pretty neutrally.”

She added that it’s not the best idea to wear fake designer items because the staff could probably identify them as fake and you might feel uncomfortable wearing them.

Understand that salespeople are paid to work in the store

There are “annoying” sides to entering designer stores, according to Anna, who says she is followed by sales associates or feels pressured to buy something.

But you can navigate this pressure, she says.

‘I think it’s important to set boundaries yourself, but also with the people around you,’ she explains.

“You have to understand that you have all the rights in the world to enter a designer store and you don’t have to buy anything unless you want to.

“If you feel compelled to buy something because you don’t want to waste the saleswoman’s precious time, I understand that some people [waste their time in a way that might seem rude].’

She says it’s crucial to remember that the assistants get paid for their work whether you make a purchase or not (even if they don’t get a commission because you didn’t make a sale).

Be reasonable with your sales assistant’s time

It's always worth making sure you're not wasting anyone's time when shopping, says Anna, and respecting sales assistants' time

It’s always worth making sure you’re not wasting anyone’s time when shopping, says Anna, and respecting sales assistants’ time

However, according to Anna, it helps to respect sales associates’ time when you’re in the store.

She explains, “Just be reasonable in terms of how much time you take from someone if you don’t plan on spending anything.

Some people really go too far…some people are just so selfish and obnoxious that they don’t care about anyone but themselves, and that’s not an elegant way of thinking at all.

‘But I do believe in balance, where we set boundaries for ourselves and for other people.

“We’re not people pleasers, we’re not doormats just doing what other people want, but we’re also respectful of other people and their time and we find that happy balance. ‘

So yes, says Anna, you can enter the designer store even if you don’t plan to spend anything.

Do your research – and don’t worry too much

While you have the right to browse, the expert recommends that you do your research before visiting the store, in terms of specific items you may want to purchase.

This, she says, saves you time as well as the sales assistant’s time

If, she says, a saleswoman follows you into the store despite this, “don’t take it too seriously.”

Anna says: ‘I know that many people suffer from it and Frankly, I don’t quite understand it either. I wish they didn’t have to be so aggressive, that they could give a little more space.

‘But… not everyone understands that, [so] just don’t take it personally. They don’t follow you because they might think you’re going… they just really want to sell.’

When all else fails, have your Julia Roberts moment

If the assistants are still rude to you, Anna (pictured) suggests having a Julia Robert's moment — in other words, take your money elsewhere

If the assistants are still rude to you, Anna (pictured) suggests having a Julia Robert’s moment — in other words, take your money elsewhere

What if you follow all these steps and the sales associates are still rude to you?

Anna says that unfortunately you are likely to come across sales associates who can behave like this.

She says, “Bjust like Julia Roberts [in the film Pretty Woman}, maybe you can take your business elsewhere, because I think the least we can expect from other people is kindness and good matters. 

‘If a sales assistant cannot offer you that you have the right to do just what Julia Roberts did in Pretty Woman. 

‘You work on commission right? Yes. Big mistake.’