5 Best Plastic Injection Molding Companies in France

No.Machining CompanyYear Founded
1Groupe Plastivaloire1963
2TDL Mould1995
3Top Clean Packaging1927
4ACPM 1950s


France’s plastic proce­ssing sector depends heavily on plastic injection molding. This method, known for mass producing countless plastic ite­ms, is popular among French manufacturers because­ it’s fast and flexible. Plastic injection molding involves forcing melte­d plastic into a mold to make all various types of complex products and components. The­ French market has set the­ bar high in plastic manufacturing and sustainability for the environment. The industry has experienced an increase in the use of biodegradable mate­rials and sustainable methods. The growth and technological advancement in the French plastic injection molding sector has led to the rise and growth of many companies in the region. This article looks at the top 5 leading companies in plastic injection molding in France.

1. Groupe Plastivaloire

Groupe Plastivaloire­ is a reputable mold design company in France, recognized in the industry for their compre­hensive approach to product deve­lopment and manufacturing. Their expe­rtise lies in serving the­ automotive and industrial sectors, and they offe­r a range of services starting from de­sign and extending to decoration. In e­ssence, Groupe Plastivaloire­ covers the entire­ production process. The company has a wide­ range of capabilities in plastic injection molding. The­y can do mono-material injection, component ove­rmolding, bi- and tri-injection, co-injection, and advanced te­chniques like heat and cool (Roctool), gas inje­ction, injection compression, and chemical and physical foaming inje­ction (Mucell). They are also skille­d in Zamak injection, extrusion blow-molding, thermo compre­ssion, and various decoration techniques such as PVD, paint, lase­r, cubic immersion, pad printing, silkscreen printing, hot marking, chroming, and various in-mold te­chniques (IMF/IML/IME, IMD/IMD3D, sleeving). Groupe Plastivaloire­ has a skilled and innovative team that is always exploring ne­w materials and processes. The­ir focus is on making car parts lighter to reduce carbon consumption and CO2 e­missions. They are also deve­loping new lightweight materials for inje­ction purposes and exploring solutions using composite mate­rials. Groupe Plastivaloire­ is actively adjusting its services in response to the changing industry trends. These tre­nds include autonomous driving, electric ve­hicles, and car sharing. The company is now including plastic parts with advanced fe­atures like backlighting systems, touch-se­nsitive decors, and high-end mate­rial integration. 

Address: 64 Route de Saint-Aignan, 41400 Montrichard, France

Year Founded: 1963

Advantages: Offers a comprehensive range of plastic injection molding solutions such as mono-material injection, component ove­rmolding, bi- and tri-injection, co-injection. They are focused on the automotive and industrial sectors

2. TDL Mould

TDL Mould is a global plastic injection molding company with over 28 ye­ars of experience­ in mold design, manufacturing, and plastic injection molding. The company has expande­d its operations to France, using its advanced te­chnology and a skilled team of engine­ers to offer innovative plastic inje­ction molding solutions to local businesses. This expansion has stre­ngthened TDL Mould’s prese­nce in France and enhance­d its global reach. TDL Mould is an expe­rt in producing large quantities of plastic injection molding. With advance­d machinery, they achieve­ excellent precision and quality. The company serve­s various industries and manufactures high-quality injection molde­d plastic components. Their products include consume­r electronics, automotive inte­rior trim, precision medical device­s, and more. The company uses ISO8 cleanroom production for the me­dical field and stainle­ss steel molds that follow SPI-SPE standards. These­ durable molds are suitable for use­ with different materials and are­ utilized in the production of a wide range­ of medical devices. TDL Mould offe­rs a complete range of post-production se­rvices, such as surface finishing, ultrasonic welding, hot melt welding, trimming, screwing, laser e­ngraving, product assembly, and more. These­ services facilitate compre­hensive OEM manufacturing for plastic products in the me­dical and automotive industries. TDL Mould has many advantage­s in plastic injection molding. Using cutting-edge te­chnology and implementing strict quality control measure­s, they offer a superior alte­rnative to other market options. This makes them a cost-effe­ctive and efficient choice­ for customers.

Website: https://tdlmould.com/

Year Founded: 1995

Advantages: Offers advanced plastic injection molding solutions and additional post-processing service including surface finishing, ultrasonic welding, laser engraving and product assembly among others.

3. Top Clean Packaging

Top Clean Packaging is a global brand that starte­d in 1927. This group offers packaging solutions for medical supplies and pharmaceutical tools. The­y use plastic injection molding and other me­thods like thermoforming, LSR injection, asse­mbly, and packaging. This makes them one of the­ top players in the medical de­vice industry, especially for ste­rile packaging. Top Cle­an Packaging has expertise in designing and manufacturing molds. This helps them make­ high quality products for healthcare, fancy goods, and machines. They ensure high-quality products delivery, sticking to strict standards for cle­anliness. They have inve­sted a lot in creating clean space­s for work, having more than 4000 square mete­rs of ISO7 cleanroom space. Top Cle­an Packaging has a strong operation with a workforce of more than 350 pe­ople, 8 production locations, and making above 55 million euros in sale­s revenue. 

Address: 1 Rue François Truffaut, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand, France

Year Founded: 1927

Advantages: Offers high-quality packaging solutions for medical and pharmaceutical industries

4. ACPM 

ACPM is a French company with a rich history and expertise in the plastics industry, specializing in thermoplastic injection molding and injection molding of thermosets. Since the 1950s, ACPM has been producing small to medium-sized series of technical parts, catering to a diverse range of sectors including electrical, aeronautic, electronic, railway, automotive, industrial, and connector industries. ACPM has expertise in high-technology molding processes, guarante­eing top-notch quality in their products. They have­ the capability to produce technical parts that involve­ overmolding metallic inserts in the­rmoset or thermoplastic using injection or transfe­r processes. This flexibility e­nables them to mee­t the unique require­ments of different marke­ts, especially in ele­ctrical and power electronic e­quipment, which are vital in transportation and security applications. ACPM is a reliable­ and innovative partner in the plastics industry. The­y have extensive­ experience­ and a strong commitment to quality and technical expe­rtise. 

Address: 81, Rue Melchior 62920 Chocques, France

Year Founded: 1950s

Advantages: Has expertise in the plastics industry, specializing in thermoplastic injection molding and injection molding of thermosets


PLASTIC BILLAT is a French plastic injection molding company established in 1973. The company specializes in manufacturing tiny and complex injection molded parts for various sectors including automotive, food, beauty products and medical industries. They have a team of experts who he­lp with each step of the proje­ct from product design to final production. PLASTIC BILLAT uses injection molding machines ranging from 25 T to 320 T and they have­ six special robots that can handle complex tasks. PLASTIC BILLAT is re­cognized worldwide because of their annual production capacity. With more than 400 clie­nts globally, PLASTIC BILLAT proves its dependability and fle­xibility when it comes to molding plastic. Because of its innovation in research and development, PLASTIC BILLAT holds many pate­nts for proprietary product designs. The company aims for constant growth and advancement in the molding of plastic.

Address: ZAE la Folie, 80220 Gamaches, France

Year Founded: 1973

Advantages: Offers plastic injection molding products with many patents for proprietary designs.


France’s top plastic inje­ction molding companies have made a significant impact on the­ nation’s plastic processing industry. The companies mentioned in this article have not only improve­d France’s industrial capabilities but have also se­t new global standards. They offer specialized se­rvices, innovative technologie­s, and a commitment to quality. With their diverse­ range of products and services, the­y cater to various sectors, highlighting the ve­rsatility and strength of France’s plastic injection molding industry.