4 Final Fantasy 7 recaps to watch before playing Rebirth

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will not be true if you have neglected your knowledge studies. Instead of playing again Final Fantasy 7 Remake and the original FF7 overall, we highly recommend having an “oh damn, the big test is tomorrow” cram session.

A trio of YouTubers have produced the modern equivalent of CliffsNotes in the form of entertaining and educational video summaries. Because I respect your time, I’ve limited the recommendations to four videos that will take you a total of 137 minutes to watch – the running time of one meaty movie. I’m also assuming that since you’re reading this post, you’re not the kind of person who can recite scenes from Advent children. So my recommendations stick to the core games and ignore the extended ones FF7 universe.

These videos tell you more about both versions of Final fantasy 7 (both original and Remake), dig deep into a key moment that opens up Final Fantasy 7 Rebirthand then summarize the story again in a fun, concise way so that the key moments and themes stick in your mind.

Let’s start the study session!

The story of Final Fantasy 7 explained

YouTube channel Xygor Gaming produced my first two recommendations, with detailed explanations of both Final fantasy 7 And Final Fantasy 7 Remake. These two videos are the longest of the bunch, but if possible they should be watched one after the other.

The magic of the new Final fantasy 7 games comes from the various, sometimes subtle ways in which their creators subvert expectations of what a remake should be. But it’s hard to see what’s changed in the modern edition if you can’t remember what happened in the original. Because Xygor Gaming avoids all extras FF7 expanded universe stories and events, this story summary of the original game fits neatly into a 42-minute box.

The story of Final Fantasy 7 Remake explained

Once you’re all caught up on the original – with all that plot still sloshing around in your head – check out Xygor Gaming’s summary of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. If this video initially feels like a repeat, albeit glossier, that’s fine. Most of the story comes in Remake reflect the original. But there are two different flavors you can appreciate in this second course:

  1. It’s wonderful to see a serious, ambitious story first told with the polygonal equivalent of paper dolls, and then performed by lifelike digital actors. You can understand why today’s developers wanted to recreate important moments with all the modern technology. And similarly, the ambition and creative guts of the PS1 game are all the more evident when you see how well it holds up next to its modern, more expensive re-creation.
  2. If Remake progresses, the story runs counter to that of the original, as if trapped in a metaphysical, metanarrative box. Characters start moving in new directions, only for literally horrible forces to get them back on track. Remake ends with a cosmic moment that paves the way Rebirth to finally break out of that box and take the story (and all its iconic characters) to a new place.

The Nibelheim Incident, Explained

Perhaps the most important moment of all Final fantasy 7 (regardless of version) is the Nibelheim Incident. Unfortunately, this is also the most confusing.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth begins with its own retelling of Nibelheim. Despite all odds, these introductory hours are exceptional at attracting longtime fans and newcomers alike, perhaps because the scene is something of a prequel to the main story. But to really appreciate it RebirthAnd Final fantasy 7 Overall, you should really understand the basics of what goes into the original Nibelheim series.

We recommend Final Fantasy Union’s 27-minute overview of what makes the scene important.

Final Fantasy 7 in 23 minutes

You’re almost caught up! In closing, let’s summarize as much information as possible so that it doesn’t immediately sift through your ears. YouTuber Chase Kip summarized the original Final fantasy 7, this time in a lightning-fast 23 minutes. If you’re like me, you might be thinking, “I just watched almost two hours Final fantasy 7 summary: do I really need another 23 minutes?”

Yes. Yes. While you’ve probably retained a lot of information about Cloud and friends’ adventures, when I say “Jenova and the Centers” or “Vincent and Lucrecia” or “the backstory of the Lifestream” you may have already forgotten the most important details. Repetition is a powerful learning tool! And this video – cheeky and animated – makes the final phase of learning fun.

Congratulations, you are now ready to pass the test. And by “pass the test” I mean play a video game for fun!