Ytmp4: The 5 Best Free YouTube to MP4 Converters in 2023

YtMp4 YouTube Video Downloader

YouTube to MP4 conversion allows users to download and save YouTube videos in MP4 format. This comes with several benefits like watching videos offline, saving storage space, and more. If you want to convert YouTube to MP4, using a free online converter is the easiest option. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 best free YouTube to MP4 converters to use in 2023.

What is Ytmp4?

Ytmp4 is an online platform that allows fast and free conversion of YouTube videos to MP4 format. It is completely free to use with no registration required. Ytmp4 supports converting single YouTube videos, playlists, and channels. It also allows searching for videos directly on the platform.

What is the YouTube to MP4 Converter?

A YouTube to MP4 converter is a web-based tool or software that converts YouTube videos from their default format into the more compatible MP4 format.

MP4 is one of the most widely supported video formats by media players, mobile devices, and other platforms. Converting YouTube videos to MP4 makes it easy to watch them on any device even when offline.

The MP4 conversion process retains the original quality of the YouTube video. There is no loss of resolution or compression applied during the format change from YouTube to MP4.

How to Record YouTube to MP4 for Free?

In addition to using a dedicated YouTube to MP4 converter, you can also achieve the YouTube to MP4 conversion with a screen recorder. Specifically, with the help of the AWZ Screen Recorder software, you can record and save YouTube videos to MP4 files while retaining the original video quality.

This software is designed with various features including video recording, audio recording, webcam overlay, and scheduled recording. Therefore, you don’t have to sit in front of the computer to record the videos. The software automates the process for you.

Check out the steps below to see how AWZ Screen Recorder works as a YouTube to MP4 converter:

Record YouTube to MP4

  • Step 1: First, make your desired YouTube video ready for playback;
  • Step 2: Next, launch the screen recording app, click the Full Screen button to choose Select Region, and enable audio recording;
  • Step 3: Then, drag to draw an area around the video, press F12 or click REC to start recording in a 3-second countdown, and play the video in time;
  • Step 4: Finally, to stop the recording, press F12 again or tap the red Stop button and the YouTube video will be saved in MP4 format by default.

Through this simple process, you can successfully record and convert YouTube to MP4. Afterward, you can view the converted video from the YouTube to MP4 converter and recorder or your local file folder. Moreover, the software can also record Facetime or Google Meet to MP4.

Is it legal to convert YouTube to MP4?

Yes, it is completely legal to convert YouTube videos to MP4 for personal use. However, you cannot redistribute or publicly share the converted videos without permission as that violates YouTube’s terms of service. The MP4 conversion is only for private offline viewing.

The 3 Best Free YouTube to MP4 Converters

Conversion SpeedMediumFastFast
Video Quality RetentionOriginalHighHigh
Ad-free interfaceYesYesYes
Platform SupportWeb browserWeb, MobileWeb, Mobile
Download Entire PlaylistsYesNoNo
Search videos by keywordsNoYesNo
Additional Supported Sites1000+ sitesYouTube onlyYouTube only


SaveFrom is an easy to use online Youtube downloader. Firstly, it supports downloading videos from many major video sites beyond just YouTube. Secondly, SaveFrom can download entire YouTube playlists and not just individual videos. Finally, it provides downloads in the original quality without compression or resolution loss.


  1. Download videos from 1000+ websites including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo etc.
  2. Convert and save YouTube playlists.
  3. No loss of quality during Youtube downloader conversion.

Supported Platforms: Web browser

Prices: Free

2. Y2mate

Y2mate is a feature-rich YouTube to MP4 converter suitable for mobile users.It’s also a nice Youtube to Mp3 Converter. To begin with, it has a responsive design that works seamlessly on mobile devices. Additionally, Y2mate allows searching and finding YouTube videos to convert using keywords. Finally, it provides multiple quality options for downloading YouTube videos in different resolutions.


  1. Mobile-friendly responsive design.
  2. Search YouTube videos by keywords.
  3. Download videos in multiple resolutions.

Supported Platforms: Web, iOS, Android

Prices: Free

3. Ytmp4

Ytmp4 is a fast YouTube to MP4 converter focused on speed and quality. Firstly, it provides very fast conversion speeds compared to alternatives. Secondly, Ytmp4 retains the original HD quality after YouTube to MP4 conversion. Finally, it has a clean ad-free interface that is easy to navigate.


  1. Fast video conversion speeds.
  2. Maintains HD quality post-conversion.
  3. Simple and clean interface.

Supported Platforms: Web browser

Prices: Free

Top Reasons to Choose Ytmp4 to convert YouTube to MP4

Ytmp4 is highly recommended for converting YouTube videos to MP4 format due to its stellar performance and features.

One of the main attractions of Ytmp4 is its fast conversion speeds. The tool can convert videos up to 4 times quicker compared to other online YouTube to MP4 converters. This rapid conversion allows you to download and save videos in MP4 format swiftly.

Ease of use is also a highlight of Ytmp4. The platform does not require registering an account to start using it. You can simply visit the website and directly access the YouTube to MP4 conversion tool without any mandatory sign up process.

Ytmp4 is completely free to use without any paid tiers or limits. There are no ads or hidden charges either. This makes it highly economical for regular YouTube to MP4 conversion needs.

Is Ytmp4 a secure platform for downloading videos?

Yes, Ytmp4 is safe to use for YouTube to MP4 conversion. It does not collect any personal data or track users. The website uses HTTPS encryption for all connections. Users do not need to download any software. Overall, Ytmp4 ticks all the boxes for being a secure platform.

In the end, these were the top 9 best free YouTube to MP4 converters you can use in 2023 for easily downloading and converting YouTube videos. Platforms like Ytmp4 make it fast and safe to convert YouTube to MP4 so you can save and watch videos offline. Check out any of these recommended converters per your needs.