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From gazelle chasers to family companions: Discover the fascinating legacy of UAE’s popular pet breeds.

Journey back through the sands of time and step right Into the fascinating history of UAE’s popular pet breeds – how it all started, who were the very first and the continued tradition of rich heritage. From the ancient desert dwellers to the modern-day fur-children, let’s explore the captivating history of some of the most beloved and popular pet breeds that have won the hearts of pet parents across the United Arab Emirates. Brace yourself – these tales are from a time when pet relocation services in Dubai was simply not a concept – yet the innate desire of being surrounded by four-legged creatures remained strong. 

Gain insights on some of the most paw-some stories of these four-legged companions who have slowly and quite steadily become an integral part of the lives of the locals.

The Saluki Dog – The Bedouin’s Pride

Often referred to as the Arabian Hound, this specie holds a special place within Emirati history. Bred by the Bedouin tribes to hunt gazelles and other swift desert creatures, Salukis are renowned for their speed, grace, and loyalty. In fact, Emirati Royals have long favoured Salukis as prized companions, considering them a symbol of prestige and nobility. These elegant hounds continue to be cherished family pets in the UAE.

Afghan Hound – A Regal Beauty

Another popular sighthound in the UAE is the Afghan Hound, known for its flowing mane and aristocratic appearance. Originally bred for hunting purposes, Afghan Hounds captured the hearts of Emiratis with their striking looks and gentle temperament. Emirati households, especially those of the elite, have embraced the Afghan Hound as their prized and exquisite family companion.

Arabian Wolfhound (Sloughi) – The Night Watcher

Also famously known as the Sloughi, is an ancient sighthound breed admired for its loyalty, strength, and hunting prowess. Back in the day, the Bedouins relied on the Sloughi to guard their tents and livestock along with assisting them in hunting expeditions. Today, this gentle and protective breed remains highly valued among the families of the UAE.

Arabian Mau – The Desert Cat

A stunning domestic cat breed that has roamed the deserts of the UAE for centuries, the Arabian Mau boasts an extraordinary appearance backed with an agile nature while having adapted well to the harsh desert climatic conditions. Furthermore, due to the fact that this beauty is considered the only indigenous Arabian cat, it holds a special place in Emirati folklore and is now embraced as a cherished domestic pet.

Persian Cat – The Royal Fur-Child

With its long, luxurious coat and gentle demeanour the Persian Cat has been a much-favoured pet among the Emiratis for generations. These elegant felines are known for their regal appearance and calm temperament, making them ideal indoor companions in the UAE’s urban settings.

Arabian Horse – The Pride of the Desert

A breed that is deeply intertwined with Emirati heritage and culture, the Arabia Horse boasts a history dating back thousands of years. This noble breed is renowned for its grace, endurance, and loyalty. Bedouins treasured their Arabian horses, relying on them for transportation and as trusted companions in the vast desert. In fact, even today, Arabian horse racing and equestrian events has found an essential place in the UAE society.

With a history as rich as this, it comes as no surprise that the love and desire for four-legged companions stand high to date – fortunately, the pet parents of today have the convenience of bringing in theirs through an expert pet relocation agent.  Relocating pets can feel overwhelming, complicated or in some cases, just too much to take in –while it is true that your fur-babies will require some time, assistance, and help to adjust to the new environment, you can always simplify this process by onboarding an expert animal transporter agency, or a licensed practitioner to uncomplicate this move. With the right guidance, practices, and advice, this process can be made easy for you and your pet child – after all, the UAE has a long history of welcoming pets right into its heart and making you feel like you’ve come home.