Young Aussie reveals why he does not like Australia: ‘Racist country’

A young Australian has explained why they hate Australia but choose to stay despite considering it a racist country.

The young man spoke out after he was approached on the street by social media star Jasky Singh for a video posted on social media.

Mr Singh asked the young man what he thought of Australia Day.

“Today is a day to celebrate genocide, and that is what we want to oppose,” he said.

“We don’t think it’s a day to celebrate and I don’t think Australia should be celebrated at all.”

Mr Singh asked why he thinks Australia should not be celebrated.

Perth artist and comedian ‘Mr Sikkant’ (pictured) interviewed a young man about Australia Day and was surprised by his response

The young Australian pointed out the historic and ongoing mistreatment of Indigenous Australians and said they face oppression on a daily basis.

“It was based on the genocide of indigenous people and on the continued dispossession of land and the oppression of indigenous people in prisons,” he said.

“Like deaths in police custody, torture in prisons of children driven to suicide, as it happens, you know, that’s the kind of system that Australia is every day. ‘

He went on to say that Australia is a “racist country” and a “racist state.”

Mr Singh appeared shocked by his response and said he was happy to be able to live in Australia after migrating to another country.

‘For me, as a migrant, I am very happy to live here. I find it very interesting to hear that someone who lives here doesn’t like Australia.

The young Australian hit back, saying: ‘I think Australia is also really racist against migrants. You see liberal politicians constantly stirring up anti-migrant hysteria. ‘

Mr Singh then asked why he wouldn’t just move to another country if he hated Australia so much.

The young man branded Australia a 'racist country' and claimed he didn't like Australia 'at all'.  He added that he would not move from Australia despite his feelings, claiming Australians needed to fight against racism

The young man branded Australia a ‘racist country’ and claimed he didn’t like Australia ‘at all’. He added that he would not move from Australia despite his feelings, claiming Australians needed to fight against racism

‘No, because I believe we should fight oppression and inequality.

“Racism is caused by capitalism, and we must overthrow capitalism to get rid of racism. Get rid of it. Away with racism.

Australians were divided over the young man’s views.

‘Gen Z is the lost generation. They are brainwashed and cannot think for themselves. They need a wake-up call,” one person said.

‘This person was on the defensive from the start. Gen Z says they are open-minded, but only if their views are supported,” a second added.

Others called the young man a legend and said he made some interesting points.

“I’m not Gen Z, but he has some interesting thoughts. It seemed a little nervous, but that’s understandable in this situation,” one person commented.

A second person wrote: “Love his reaction, absolute legend.”

A third added: ‘He’s very articulate. Kudos to young people like him who fight for a cause they believe in.”