You still have 3 days to save on Shadow of the Erdtree pre-orders

If you haven’t pre-ordered a copy of Shadow of the Erdtreethe long-awaited expansion Elden RingFanatical has discounted pre-orders ahead of the June 21 launch. The standard edition of the DLC is currently available at Fanatic for $35.19 ($39.99), while the premium bundle which includes a digital art book and soundtrack is also available for $US43.99 ($49.99).

Shadow of the Erdtree features a new story set in the land of Shadow, expanding the base game with additional monsters, items, bosses and building options. The whole expansion will be quite substantial and approximately the same size as Limgrave. Elden Rings starting area. Please note that to access the new content, you will need to defeat Radahn and Mohg, two of Elden Rings dirtiest bosses.

These discounted pre-orders offer the same bonuses as the full-price version. If you pre-order an edition of Shadow of the Erdtree will grant access to the Ring of Miquella gesture when the DLC launches.

Miquella’s Ring gestures inwards Shadow of the Erdtree.
Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco