You can play Rock, Paper, Scissors in Helldivers 2

Hell divers 2 has had a blast since its release on February 8, and it’s easy to see why: the third-person shooter is both hilarious and explosively fun. It is also filled with small moments that together form one special experience. An example of Hell divers 2The attention to detail is in the emotions. There are plenty of two-person emotes that emphasize the cooperative experience, including one that lets you play Rock, Paper, Scissors.

The Rock, Paper, Scissors emote is available as part of the Warbonds acquisition menu, which is essentially a battle pass. This particular emote is on page eight and you need to unlock a lot of things to achieve it. Once you get there it costs fifty medals, but you have to spend hundreds to get that far. Hell divers 2 lets you earn medals by completing missions, so go for it.

Once you get the emote, you can simply use it while another player is nearby. Otherwise you play alone. On a Windows PC, the default emote button is B; on a PlayStation 5 controller, this is the left button on the D-pad. (You can change which emotes are selected in the Armory.) Only one player needs the Rock Paper Scissors emote to play. The second player simply needs to interact with the original player via the emote. Both players can choose which move they want to make (rock, paper or scissors) using the D-pad or arrow keys.

Hell divers 2 has a few more shared emotes in addition to the Rock, Paper, Scissors. The most important thing is that you can hug your friends.