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You can now create and share your own Lego islands in Fortnite

Epic Games launches a set of tools for Unreal Editor for Fortnite which allows players to create their own Lego islands. Epic and Lego announced the tools on Wednesday during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

There are now a number of Lego assets available in the Unreal Editor Fortnite, in addition to four templates to play with. Lego also made three themselves Fortnite Islands: Lego Prop Hunt, a Lego version of the hide-and-seek-style prop hunt set in a shopping mall; Lego Battle Arena, a Ninja-themed competition; and Lego Cat Island Adventure, an island where you are tasked with caring for a sweet little cat. Everything built-in Fortnite must have an ESRB rating of E10+ or ​​PEGI 7 – in principle they must comply with this Fortnite‘s family-friendly rules.

These are in addition to Lego Raft Survival and Lego Obby Fun from February.

“Today’s announcement is a hugely important step in democratizing creativity and empowering the power of the LEGO brand like never before,” Kari Vinther Nielsen, Lego Game’s Head of Play and Creator Growth, said in a statement. “We want kids and families to enjoy a whole range of fun and engaging gaming experiences within Fortnite, and the potential this news brings for creators is incredibly exciting – we can’t wait to see what everyone builds and how much the community enjoys the creations.”

Lego Fortnite went live in late 2023 and has continued to grow since, part of Lego’s $1 billion investment in Fortnite creator of Epic Games.

although Fortnite has millions less players than Roblox – 100 million to 250 million monthly players respectively – Epic aims to be the next leader in user-generated content. Giving players the power to create their own games and experiences means Fortnitelike it Roblox, is more than just a game. It’s a platform. To encourage players to opt in FortniteEpic gives 40% of net turnover back to makers in what it calls ‘Creator Economy 2.0’. Epic issues payments based on “popularity, engagement, retention (and) attracting new players,” Epic executive vice president of Fortnite Saxs Persson said in 2023.

Epic and Lego’s investment in user-generated content for Fortnite is another serious step to take on the likes of Roblox And Minecraft and perhaps a sign of what will happen in the future: more general investment from the industry in a new way of creating. Adopt me creator and Roblox developer Josh Ling told GameDiscover.co in May 2023 that the broader video game industry has “little” understanding of user-generated content Minecraft, FortniteAnd Roblox.

“There were 8 million concurrent players on Roblox last weekend,” Ling said. “The top two Roblox games regularly have half a million (CCU) each. I think most people think these platforms are undercooked, and I understand: Minecraft is block punching, Fortnite is Naruto hitting the griddy, and the average Roblox game has the aesthetic of a Lego game on PS2. But these are real platforms with real players – real toolsets that provide real value. Roblox‘s (integrated development environment) is closer to Unity than to Scratch or Twine.”

Lego islands in it Fortnite is a no-brainer for creator-driven content – ​​building bricks translates perfectly into the digital environment – ​​and Epic’s new tools mean Fortnite can respond to that.

Update: We’ve updated this story with a new story Fortnite player count and the headline and text adjusted everywhere.