You can now buy mega packs of Hard Solo for just $23.20: ‘Best deal yet’

Hard Solo fans can get their hands on the drink for just $2.03 per can – which represents a 50 percent discount on the average price.

The deal is available on DoorDash, via BWS, and was highlighted on the popular Markdown Addicts Facebook page – where people seemed excited about the huge discount.

‘Thanks for sharing. I bought four 10-packs for $81.20 – normally this costs $200!’ one person wrote under the announcement.

The thrifty shopper who found the deal explained that BWS had a deal on the drinks — combined with DoorDash’s discount for spending over $40, this amounted to just over $2 per can.

Hard Solo is renamed Hard Rated after complaints were made about the advertising code for alcoholic drinks

To make the most of the deal combination, shoppers had to buy two ten-packs of the controversial drink.

“Awesome, thanks, just ordered two and I’m paying just under $50 for both with a discount,” one person wrote in the alert.

One customer noted that they were buying twenty cans a day since spotting the deal a few days earlier.

The 30 percent off coupon on Door Dash is only available for a maximum amount of $20, which is why people placed multiple orders.

The full price of Hard Solo varies in price between retailers – ranging from $44 for a pack of 10 to $50.

The cheap price is available thanks to a combination of deals

The cheap price is available thanks to a combination of deals

Hard Solo entered the adult beverage market earlier this year, causing a wave of controversy when it hit shelves.

A total of ten complaints have been made to the Advertising Code for Alcoholic Drinks, with some furious parents claiming the drink was ‘intended for children’.

As a result, the company behind Solo – Asahi Group Holdings Limited, a Japanese brewing and soft drink company – was forced to undertake a major rebranding.

From February 4, 2024, the unchanged drink will be known as ‘Hard Rated’, dropping the Solo connection entirely.