Yes, there is a post-credits scene for Percy Jackson

The final episode of Disney Plus’ first season Percy Jackson series completes the adaptation of The lightning thief with a fight on the beach, a traitor revealed and a tearful reunion.

Previous episodes ended with a post-credits tease of what comes next, but is there a teaser for season 2? No, but there is a small post-credits scene showing the fate of an important character.

(Ed. remark: This post contains major spoilers for Percy Jackson and the Olympians (as well as the book and the first movie).)

Photo: David Bukach/Disney

In the post-credits scene, Sally Jackson’s asshole ex-husband Gabe (Timm Sharp) tries to get into her apartment while he’s on the phone with his lawyer. She wisely changed the locks so he can’t get in. But he sees a package on the Jacksons’ doorstep and decides to open it. This is a return-to-sender package addressed to Percy, aka the package containing Medusa’s severed head.

He opens it, looks directly inside and immediately turns to stone. Break down, Gabe.

Gabe doesn’t appear in any of the books after the first, and considering the only reason Sally married him is because his gross mortal stench masked Percy’s scent from monsters, it’s no one’s loss. Actually, we’re all quite happy to see him out of the way.

Gabe leans in a doorway and leers at Sally and Percy in a screenshot from Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Image: Disney

This is actually similar to the post-credits scene of the infamous film, where Gabe returns to the apartment to pack his things. He goes to the kitchen to get a beer, but finds the fridge locked and a note from Percy telling no one to open the fridge. Unperturbed, Gabe picks the lock – and is then frozen by Medusa’s head.

But somehow, none of these versions are even close to as wonderfully brutal as his fate in the book series. In the books, it’s actually Sally who uses the head to freeze Gabe and… Than sells his petrified corpse as a sculpture. It is a big hit in the art world and she uses the proceeds to make a down payment on a new apartment and to finance a semester of tuition at NYU, where she will next study writing. She reports Gabe missing, but he never shows up! (“Goodbye Count” by The Chicks plays in the background.)

It’s unclear if Sally will find the frozen Gabe and take advantage of him on the show, but she certainly deserves to take the plunge into the art world and fund her passion for writing.

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