Xiaomi’s first electric car already has a six-month waiting list in China

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi unveiled the production version of its highly anticipated SU7 electric car last week. But just days after the unveiling, the tech giant has reportedly told potential customers that it could take six to seven months for their orders to arrive.

As a reminder, the SU7, produced by state-owned BAIC Group, is the smartphone specialist’s first foray into electric vehicles, with the standard car costing just 215,900 yuan (approximately US$29,900 / £23,663 / AU$46,000 at current exchange rates). It offers a range of 700 kilometers and has an electric drivetrain of just under 300 hp.

That’s no small feat, yet the SU7 Pro, which now reportedly has a lead time of 18-21 weeks, can travel as much as 516 miles on a single charge. There’s also a Max version that has a range of 450 miles, but sees performance increase to 663bhp – enough to put many modern supercars to shame.

(Image credit: Xiaomi)

however, the BBC reports that potential customers will have to wait up to 27 weeks for the most powerful models, according to screenshots taken by punters and posted on Chinese social media.