WWE fans hi-jack The Rock’s promo on the RAW after WrestleMania telling the Final Boss to ‘shut the f*** up’ and ‘this is awkward’ as he issues challenge to Cody Rhodes… but the Hollywood star is set for ANOTHER break from wrestling

  • The Rock will be taking another break from WWE after a solid few months
  • He will immediately begin filming ‘The Smashing Machine’
  • Cody Rhodes was told that he will face The Rock at some point, champion or not

The Rock made his presence felt on RAW after WrestleMania when he interrupted the new Undisputed WWE Champion, Cody Rhodes, at the top of the show.

The first hour of RAW was commercial-free and a combination of Triple H, Rhodes and The Rock ate up about 50 minutes of it.

After The Game opened the show to thank the fans for making the best WrestleMania of all time (by whatever standard he kept reminding us), WWE’s leader brought Rhodes to the ring.

After happily wrapping up his story with Roman Reigns, the former champion’s cousin, The Rock, entered the fray to let Rhodes know that his story with him has just begun.

The Final Boss could barely speak for the first ten minutes of his confrontation with Rhodes. The crowd in Philadelphia told Rock to “shut up” and called him an “a**h***” every time he tried to speak.

After weeks of setbacks, The Rock told Cody Rhodes he would return to WWE for him

When the 51-year-old attempted to trade titles with Rhodes, the Well Fargo Center chanted “this is awkward” and booed every time Rock lifted the microphone to his mouth.

When they managed to get started, Rock confirmed that he would be taking time off from WWE to shoot a new movie, presumably ‘The Smashing Machine’.

But he will come back. And when he does, he’ll come for Cody Rhodes, whether he has the title or not.

The crowd was on The Rock's back for the entire segment, but he handled it well

The crowd was on The Rock’s back for the entire segment, but he handled it well

“The Rock has to go away for a while now. The Rock doesn’t want to leave either. When the Rock comes back, whether you’re champion or not, The Rock will come back for you”

To end the segment, The Rock presented the American Nightmare with an item from his pocket.

The Rock said, ‘You don’t even have to open your hand to know what this is. Don’t ever break my heart again. When you smell what the Final Boss is cooking.’

It’s worth noting that The Rock got positive “Rocky” chants when he first came out. The RAW crowd after WrestleMania is famously loud.

The crowd was almost certainly having fun with The Rock, and he seemed to enjoy it.