Would you like to get acquainted with 4K Blu-ray? Here are two players and five movies to get you started

It may seem like 4K Blu-ray (and physical media in general) is dying out, but many still like to collect their favorite movies in physical format. That’s not surprising, since not only are streaming sites raising their prices, meaning people have to resort to “subscription shopping” (subscribing to streaming sites for certain shows and movies every month before canceling) to save money, but it cannot be relied upon. to keep movies on their platforms. How often Spider-Man (the 2002 version with Tobey Maguire) have to switch from Netflix to Prime Video before things settle down?

If you bought one of the best TVs, it would be a shame not to give it the best quality. But what does that mean? 4K Blu-ray and 4K streaming are both the same, right? Unfortunately that is not the case. 4K streaming transfers data at a speed of 17-25 Mbps, while 4K Blu-ray can transfer data at 128 Mbps. This means that with 4K Blu-ray you get a more detailed image thanks to significantly lower data compression.