Woolworths worker’s disgusting act is called out by shopper

Disgusting act by Woolworths employee is called out by shocked customer: ‘It’s inappropriate – this should be reported’

  • Woman claimed store manager used “hardcore insults.”
  • She said the manager was ranting at another employee

A concerned customer has spoken out after overhearing a Woolworths manager swearing at another member of staff.

While strolling the aisles of the CBD store in Brisbane, the woman was shocked to hear the manager throw “hardcore insults” at the employee in front of a group of children.

“I’m a pretty big curse myself and I worked in retail for 10 years so I know how intense it can be, but this stuff crossed the line,” the woman wrote.

A frustrated customer has asked if she was acting like a ‘Karen’ after hearing a manager swear and repeat ‘hardcore insults’ in front of a group of kids

‘I was visible there with my child and also saw other parents with children. The shop is quite small, so you could hear it everywhere.’

The woman compared the ‘hardcore’ outburst to something people might witness on the ‘Ipswich line at 10pm’.

‘Am I exaggerating a bit? I think I could be. But this was crazy,” she wrote.

“I’m not trying to start dramas but would like everyone’s thoughts. Am I a Karen?’.

Reddit users were quick to validate the woman in the comments.

‘No Karen. A Karen would have made a scene in the store if it wasn’t your problem,” one user replied.

“It’s inappropriate but apart from complaining on the website that goes to said manager and so ignores what else you can do.”

“I would have popped a can of Karen on his ass. I hate it when people abuse staff. I would have also gotten his name and reported him to a higher level,” said another.

As the woman walked down the aisles of the Woolworths in Brisbane's CBD, she said she heard the 'worst language coming out of this manager's mouth'

As the woman walked down the aisles of the Woolworths in Brisbane’s CBD, she said she heard the ‘worst language coming out of this manager’s mouth’

A third said they could accept some workplace swear words, but using “hardcore insults” was inappropriate and intimidating.

“I would go even further by saying that the manager clearly needs a lot of help and support with his anger management as well,” they said.

“This will always be your own judgement, but in a shop with a lot of spectators, someone has to take action.”

“No not Karen, that boss needs to be reported,” a fourth wrote.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Woolworths for comment.