Women divided over wife’s reaction to her messy husband

Woman scolded for the way she treats her ‘messy’ husband who leaves shoes in the middle of the living room: ‘I would throw them outside’

  • Wife puts away her husband’s shoes
  • Says marriage is give and take
  • Her position sparked a fierce debate

A woman has sparked a heated argument after revealing what she does with her husband’s shoes when he leaves them around the house.

The mom, known only as Leslie, posted them online and said she just puts them away.

“My husband left his shoes in the middle of the living room floor. I saw them last night – they are hard to miss. He’s a tall man and he wears big shoes,” she wrote.

“So instead of tripping over them, I picked them up and put them in our closet,” she added.

She admitted that she hadn’t even brought up the shoe issue with him.

A woman’s post about her husband’s annoying habit has gone viral, but people are divided

Her relaxed attitude to her husband’s “lazy” habit drew criticism from irate wives and girlfriends.

“I don’t moan, I don’t grumble, I quietly pick up the shoes that the lazy man just left behind, and I quietly open the door and throw them away. If he sees them, he can pick them up and put them away,” one woman said.

Another added: “Your silence makes his bad behavior possible. don’t let him treat you like the help.’

“Sorry… he’s showing disrespect. What if you trip over his misplaced things and end up with a sprained ankle or broken hip? It’s just unkind to spread his stuff around…he’s not a toddler,” a third said.

Leslie admitted she expected fiery reactions to her post.


What would you do if your partner left his shoes in the living room?

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‘I know you might think—’ ‘Really, Leslie? He’s a 40-year-old man, he can pick up his own dang shoes,” she wrote.

‘And you’re right. He can. But I’m a 40 year old woman and I can clean the dirt out of my car and change the oil and I know I’m capable of helping my kids with their homework, but sometimes I don’t.

‘But my husband does. In fact, there are a lot of things I don’t do that he does,” she said.

She explained that after 18 years of marriage, she realized that some things aren’t worth fighting over – even if they are very annoying.

And added that they “don’t keep score” in their home.

This mature approach also earned her many compliments.

‘I feel the same. I used to be so outraged but finally realized that keeping score was just making me miserable. The truth is that my husband loves me completely. He’s not perfect, but neither am I,” said one woman.

“Right, 17 years with my husband and the secret is simple, ‘let it be,'” said another.

Some pretended to agree – with comments steeped in sarcasm.

‘I just threw my rubbish on the floor this morning while eating a pack of chips, but couldn’t be bothered to get up off the couch and walk over to the bin!

“My husband came over to pick him up because he remembered that I changed the oil in his car 3,000 miles ago and I was joining in on some kids homework so we’re all good,” one woman wrote.

The post was shared “anonymously” by Mum Central and received thousands of likes and comments.