Woman accused of giving the ‘worst advice ever’ after naming the ‘best question to ask on a first date’ – but some love her approach

A woman has shared what she thinks is the ‘best question’ to ask on a first date, but many have shunned her ‘controversial’ approach.

Ayda Celika Toronto-based wellness expert, said a surefire method to find out if a relationship is going to work is to ask the other person their opinion on the Covid pandemic.

“I always asked about their goals because I thought, as long as you know where you want to be, it doesn’t matter where you are today,” she said in an interview. video.

But Ayda’s new question is, “What do you think about COVID-19?”

‘[Asking about COVID] is such a loaded question that reveals so much – it tells you their views on healthcare, the healthcare system, government, conspiracy theories,” Ayda said.

She continued, “Are they apathetic or loud? What are their thoughts on rule following in general? How did their minds process the pandemic?’

Ayda said that while there is no right or wrong answer, you just have to find out how your date feels about various important topics.

“It’s a loaded question and will 100 percent make or break a relationship,” the wellness expert explained.

“How can you be with someone if you have completely different views on your country’s system?”

Some took issue with the “unnecessarily loaded” question.

“If someone asked me this I would immediately say hello,” one man wrote.

“I ask this question because I believe this, but people say I’m crazy to base a relationship on this question,” another added.

Others agreed with Ayda’s advice, claiming it was their “go-to” question.

‘It provides so many answers to values ​​and where they stand. It will really be a deciding factor if you join,” one person said.

“The question shows whether someone can navigate difficult topics with empathy, compassion and understanding,” echoed another.

One concluded: ‘Actually funny and informative.’