With Lenco’s transparent portable CD player you can exchange CDs like it’s the 90s

What did we do before music streaming services and Bluetooth-enabled smartphones? We had CDs. Books of it. We were making “CD mix tapes” and some of our friends were a little naughty and got their music for free on LimeWire.

It is clear that times have changed. But the relevance and quality of the Compact Disc (16-bit/44kHz, so a lot better than your Spotify files and the resolution now recognized as the gateway to high-res audio) is not. And products like Yamaha’s five-CD changer, the high-end Hegel Viking, Arcam’s CD5, Pure’s C-D6 (a DAB radio with built-in CD player) and B&O’s hugely expensive six-CD vertical CD player are all evidence that the format is not experiencing a small renaissance.