Will the budget cut taxes and abolish child benefits and the 60% pitfalls? This is the Money podcast

With the budget set to be the chancellor’s final pitch before the general election, expectations for tax cuts are increasing.

But what taxes could Jeremy Hunt cut and why – and is there hope he will solve the tax mess Britain is stuck in?

The higher child benefit tax will result in marginal tax rates above 50 per cent, while the abolition of the personal allowance will result in an income tax rate of 60 per cent between £100,000 and £125,140.

Should these tax traps and the painfully high stamp duties be abolished? On this week’s podcast, Simon Lambert argues that Mr Hunt should clean up, throw a bunch of stuff in the stupid tax box and then throw it away.

Simon, Georgie Frost and Lee Boyce look ahead to what could be in the budget and what it would mean for you.

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In this week’s episode, energy bills will also drop as the price cap is lowered, but how much will this save you?

It’s not just a tax break for people; Student loans also prove difficult to transfer as interest rates rise due to high inflation. Does the student finance system also need to be overhauled? And what is Simon’s triple lock for student loans?

And finally, make sure you don’t get speared or tapped. Lee tells us about the new scams you need to know about.

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