Wild moment woman erupts at security as young boy is arrested at Queensland shopping centre

  • Young boy charged with theft at mall
  • Woman, 45, charged with obstructing police

A woman has been charged after filming herself shouting at police and security officers as they arrested a young boy in a busy shopping centre.

Police were called to Morayfield Shopping Centre, in Queensland’s Moreton Bay region, on November 10 after reports of theft from one of the stores.

A young boy was seen trying to run out of the mall as two security officers tried to prevent him from leaving.

Another female shopper, who filmed the incident, is then heard yelling at the security guards.

“Don’t touch him anymore!” they are heard shouting as the young boy tries to avoid the guards.

A woman has been charged after allegedly violating and resisting police after a young boy was accused of stealing at Queensland’s Morayfield Shopping Center

‘You can’t physically restrain him, let him go. That’s a real attack.’

The woman then tells another female security guard that she is not showing her badge number, which she says is ‘against the law’.

Meanwhile, the boy is heard swearing at the police and shouting: “I didn’t steal anything,” while an officer holds him by the arm.

The woman filming is then warned by the female security guard that she is obstructing the police and will also be arrested.

The police officer then confronts her and says he did not give permission to be filmed.

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A young boy was seen trying to run out of the mall when two security guards tried to stop him from leaving on November 10.

“You don’t intimidate me,” the woman claps back.

A Queensland Police spokesperson confirmed a minor had been treated in accordance with the Youth Justice Act.

“In addition, a 45-year-old woman from Labrador was issued a summons to appear at the Caboolture Magistrates Court charged with trespassing, obstructing police and breaching directions or demands of a police officer,” they said.

The woman has since continued her bizarre tirade on TikTok, claiming she saw security officers “attacking” the boy, which is why she started filming, and that he “did nothing wrong.”

She also claimed that she had filed complaints about the handling of the incident by security and police.

The 45-year-old said that because she knew the law, she would get a “huge payout.”

‘You literally have no idea about it. My last payout was 30,000 to a cop who didn’t know the law. Taxpayer funded,” she responded to another TikTokker’s comment.

The woman also shared a response from the mall’s security company, which is conducting an internal investigation into the matter.

The security company said their staff member was not required to show her driver’s license because she was involved in an incident with another person at the time.

“Nevertheless, your request was not appropriate at the time as it focused on the security incident that occurred at the time,” they said.