Wife of motocross star who died in a freak accident reveals her ultimate regret as she shares heartbreak in emotional tribute to her ‘best friend’

  • The widow of a motocross star has shared her heartbreak
  • Corey Whittington died on Sunday at the age of 44
  • His wife Shannen revealed the one thing she wishes she had told him

The wife of a Gold Coast motocross racer has revealed her heartbreak after her husband died in a freak racing accident.

Corey ‘Magoo’ Whittington, 44, died during a competition at Elaman Creek on Sunday, leaving the Sunshine Coast’s close-knit motorcycle community in shock.

According to reports, he clipped another bike after colliding in front of him, causing him to crash and suffer neck and back injuries, which proved fatal.

He is survived by wife Shannen, who paid an emotional tribute to her late husband.

“I’m breaking, I’m lost,” she said Courier mail.

The wife of a motocross racer has shared her heartbreak following his shock death

‘He was my best friend, my protector, he was everything to me.

“He swept me off my feet and showed me love like I’ve never known before.

“I’m still in shock waiting for him to come through the door.”

The couple met on the Gold Coast in 2015 and married last year. Shannen revealed that the date of their wedding held great significance for her and Corey.

“His racing number was 963, so we got married on June 9, 2023,” she said.

“We were team 963.”

Shannen says Corey’s friends would call him “Magoo,” but she would address him as “my brother” while he would call her his “brother.”

Shannen revealed that she regrets not saying three important words during her last phone call with Corey.

Corey Whittington died on Sunday during a motocross race on the Sunshine Coast

Corey Whittington died on Sunday during a motocross race on the Sunshine Coast

“We spoke on the phone a few hours later and we always ended our conversations with the words ‘I love you,’ and I usually said ‘get home safe,’ but I didn’t say that this time and I’m kicking myself for the hell of it,’ she said.

“He had had so many accidents over the years that he was held together with metal plates, so (when the phone rang on Sunday) I just thought he had done something or broken something,” she said.

‘But his friend Liam (who called) started crying and I started shouting.

‘I’ve got his bike home now and it’s in the garage and apart from some dirt and mud it’s completely intact.

‘It makes me crazy.’