Why this AI solution provider emphasises on-prem hosting amid growing cloud adoption

Why this AI solution provider emphasises on prem hosting amid growing

India-based clinical speech recognition solutions provider Augnito has started offering an on-premises hosting service for its AI-powered solution to help healthcare organizations take a phased approach to digitalizing clinical workflows.


While many companies are looking for cloud-based computing services to facilitate their digital transformation, Augnito has introduced on-premise hosting as part of its service offering.

This new offering comes as potential customers, particularly in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, have significant concerns about cloud technologies. These include security risks, over-reliance on the internet and connectivity, and lack of control over the organization’s infrastructure or resources.

Augnito says healthcare professionals are better off addressing these concerns with on-premise hosting.

Compliant with major privacy and security regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, and ISO 27001, Augnito’s on-premise servers allow healthcare providers “full control and ownership of their security systems, data, and other resources” and enable IT teams to address potential concerns or vulnerabilities “independently and immediately”.

Additionally, it offers “greater flexibility” when integrating new tools or managing existing resources, especially for legacy applications that can take time to transition.


Earlier this year, Augnito formalized its partnership with major healthcare IT and medical equipment provider ATTIEH Medico to deploy its AI solution across Saudi Arabia. Augnito users in the region include the major hospital King Abdul Aziz Hospital.

This partnership is intended to contribute to the well-being of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030, which aims, among other things, to invest in AI in healthcare to improve health outcomes and promote the adoption of digital solutions to achieve greater efficiency in care. With increasing digitalization, Augnito asserts the prerogative of healthcare providers to evaluate which digital solutions make the most sense for them.


“Of course, (c)oisy services are increasing exponentially worldwide. However, healthcare is an extremely sensitive sector and should be able to transform at its own pace,” emphasized Rustom Lawyer, co-founder and CEO of Augnito.

“There are intangibles – such as patient and physician comfort with storing data in the cloud – that cannot be overlooked. As with any new technology, there will inevitably be a transition period where people are hesitant and still getting used to it.” “We wanted to make navigating this phase as easy as possible for our customers,” he added.