Where to find all the Shine Sprites in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Shine Sprites are an important collector’s item Paper Mario: The Millennial Door (yes, even in the Nintendo Switch remake), because you need them to upgrade your party members.

These collectibles are often hidden in plain sight in a box you can hit (as shown in the screenshot at the top of this guide), but some of them can be tricky to find. There are 42 Shine Sprites total in the game, and you’ll be able to find them all by the time you’re about halfway through Chapter 7.

Below we explain what you can use Shine Sprites for where you can find all 42 Shrine Sprites in Paper Mario: The Millennial Door.

What can you use Shine Sprites for in Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door

Merlona wizard living next door to Professor Frankly will strengthen your partners in return three Shine Sprites each. Every time you turn them on, they learn a new FP skill, gain more max HP, and deal a bit more damage, making these collectibles quite important.

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon

There are enough Shine Sprites to max out every character (even the optional Mrs. Mowz). Each character gets upgraded twice, but you must help Merlon find a missing item to unlock the second upgrades.

Where to find Shine Sprites in Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door

We list all Shine Sprites locations based on how early you can find them. That said, you should be able to have our list next to you as you play, going through chapter by chapter to help you find all 42 Shine Sprites.

In general, you should keep an eye out for these boxes as you walk around. Most hang in plain sight, but some are hidden behind decor or other objects.

Mario and Yoshi stand in front of a Shine Sprite box in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon

You can also view the percentage of Shine Sprites in each area via your in-game map.

If you’re stuck, Merluvlee, who lives in the house next to Dazzle in the Rogueport sewers, will give you tips on where to find the remaining sprites on the map, but you can also check out our list below, which covers all Shrine Sprites and their locations Paper Mario: The Millennial Door.

All Shine Sprite locations in Paper Mario: TTYD

# Chapter Area Place
# Chapter Area Place
1 Chapter 1 Hooktail Castle (first floor) In plain sight after you defeat the pink dry bones.
2 Chapter 1 Hooktail Castle (third floor) In the treasure room where you first meet Mrs. Mowz.
3 Chapter 1 Hooktail Castle (grand staircase) At the very top of the stairs, in front of the door with the blue lock.
4 Chapter 1 Rogueport (sublevel three) In the room with the Millennial Door, use ZR to slip through the railings and jump onto the spring. Fly over it with the plane to get a grasshopper
5 Chapter 2 Boggly Woods Use Koops to hit the Shine Sprite block at the top of the silver pipe.
6 Chapter 2 The Big Tree (first floor) In the room with the second Puni switch, jump down to see the Shine Sprite on the right.
7 Chapter 2 The Great Tree (sublevel one) Once you use Flurrie to blow the structure off the plane platform, slide straight right to another platform. Then float left to this Shine Sprite.
8 Chapter 2 The Great Tree (sublevel two) After you get the Super Boots, use the Spin Jump ability on the panel on the floor just outside where you got the boots. Jump onto the platforms to get the Shine Sprite.
9 Chapter 2 The Great Tree (sublevel four) After draining the water from the tree, hit the Shine Sprite block on a lily pad.
10 Chapter 3 Glitzville Between the juice bar and the Glitz Pit. Use Koops’ scale to hit an invisible block below it, making it reachable.
11 Chapter 3 Glitter Pit At the top of the stairs in the Glitz Pit storage area.
12 Chapter 3 Rogueport (East) On the roof of the distant building in the background. Use Yoshi’s flutter jump to jump in front of the skull bridge, go to the area with the boxes and flutter jump to the roof. Walk back behind the chimney to get to the roof with the blade.
13 Chapter 3 Rogueport (East) Use ZR to slip through the crack next to the Trouble Center and go to an alley. Use Yoshi’s Flutter Jump to cross the water to reach this sprite.
14 Chapter 3 Rogueport (sublevel two) Behind the yellow block in the fast travel pipe room. (You need the Super Hammer to destroy the yellow block.)
15 Chapter 3 Rogueport (sublevel one) Dive into the sewers from the west side using ZR, then use Yoshi’s flutter jump to reach the platform on the left.
16 Chapter 4 Twilight path Jump behind the next tree after jumping out of the hole from the background.
17 Chapter 4 Creepy tower Spin Jump on top of the pit in front of the Creepy Steeple and jump down.
18 Chapter 4 Creepy tower In the treasure room you have to roll paper in from the entrance.
19 Chapter 4 Creepy Spire (sublevel one) In the well room with the storage block. (You need Vivian in your party to get here.)
20 Chapter 4 Rogueport (West) Roll into the crack in the first house at the top right.
21 Chapter 4 Rogueport (East) In the back room of Captain Bobbery’s house.
22 chapter 5 Kielhaul key To the top of the jungle platform area.
23 chapter 5 Kielhaul key On the right side of the bridge.
24 chapter 5 Pirate cave On top of the half-sinking boat.
25 chapter 5 Pirate cave At the top of the cliff with the healing and rescue block with the locked door. You have to hit a hidden block underneath to reach it.
26 chapter 5 Pirate cave On top of the barrels in the room with the elevator and Grotto Key. You have to time Koops’ grenade and jump from the elevator to the chest and then jump to the barrels.
27 chapter 5 Pirate cave At the cliff with the rolling waves. Use Koops’ shell to get it.
28 chapter 5 Pirate cave In the room with the floating barrels. To reach it, use your hammer to reveal a hidden block underneath.
29 chapter 5 Rogueport (West) Blow up the wall all the way west with Bobbery
30 chapter 5 Rogueport (sublevel one) Use the boat shape in the room with the warp pipe that will take you to Petalburg.
31-32 chapter 5 Rogueport (sublevel two) In a secret room that can only be reached by boat. From the western side of the sewer, enter the alcove with the pipe and go left to reach the boat platform. Ride the boat straight through the water to get to this room. (The third sprite requires further upgrade, so ignore it for now.)
33 Chapter 6 Excess Express (car two) In the train car at the beginning of the chapter.
34 Chapter 6 Excess Express (car four) A reward from the Bob-omb family after the son received the conductor’s signature.
35 Chapter 6 River station (deck) Via the stairs to the floor.
36 Chapter 6 Riverside Station (registration room) On top of the stairs. Use Koops’ shell to get there.
37 Chapter 6 Poshley Heights Outside the shrine on the right. Super Jump to get it.
38 Chapter 6 Poshley Shrine On the left ledge at the front of the secret room is the Crystal Star.
39 Chapter 6 Rogueport (sublevel two) In the same secret room as #31-32, but now you can jump to reach it.
40 Chapter 6 Rogueport (sublevel one) On top of the pillar behind Dazzle. Get to the pillar by using your Spring Jump behind the elevator platform in the city section of the sewers where the water is dripping.
41 chapter 7 Path to Fahr Outpost Behind a tree on the left side of the map.
42 chapter 7 Fahr outpost Next to the building on the east side of the outpost.

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